Command and Conquer 4

So, this game dropped today. Anyone playing it? Is it worth getting? I haven’t played an RTS since C&C 3, but this one looks pretty sweet.

Also, is there any reason to get it from Steam or not to get it through Steam?

I’ll be sticking with Generals. 90 unit types sounds a lot better before you find out they’re split between six different classes with no real overlap. And it looks like only two of the six classes actually get troop transports, one each.

Man, I haven’t played Generals in years. Maybe I’ll have to reinstall that one. I’ve read some really unflattering reviews of C&C4 tonight. I haven’t been able to find a unit list, though.

It would probably be easier to play with Dopers if you get it through Steam. all you have to do is look through the SDMB usergroup and find someone who’s playing it.

The last CnC game I played was CnC 3: Tiberium Wars, which was good enough but nothing particularly special. Lost a lot of the Westwood charm, no atmosphere.

Then I saw Red Alert 3…oh, Red Alert, what did they do to you?! Turn the franchise into a joke! RA2 was campy fun, but it felt like some outsider awkwardly trying to bluff about an inside joke. Again, quite charmless.

CnC4 visually looks pretty damn similar to CnC3, although apparently the gameplay mechanics are different. One thing they have apparently learned about is the unit roster, in Tib Sun we had Titan Walkers, Wolverine Walkers, the Mammoth Mk II, Scorpion Tanks which transformed into a defensive turret, alien-style Banshees, all sorts of mad stuff, but still believable in the 'verse. Then they replace all that stuff with boring tanks! So the mechs are back. But the Cyborg Commando - that badass mofo who boasts that “I can smell their fear…” has been turned into… this! Looks like Dr. Zoidberg for crying out loud!
I’m not a fan of these ‘crawler’ things either, seems to undercut the strategic base defence that was key to the previous games. In all the other games, if you lost your construction yard, you were screwed - unless you’d taken the precaution of building another MCV. Now apparently you can gleefully demolish your con-yards and have some Deus Ex Machina drop another from the sky! Horsecrap I say. A POP CAP?! Oh, and there’s…this:

EA can suck my ass. Poor Westwood must be spinning in their graves. Hitler is dead right about this one…

Do these help?

I can’t tell you how accurate they are, but that’s what I was going by.

I am not sure what game they’ve made, but this…thing…definitely is not Command & Conquer. C&C3 managed to rescue the series from the massive crash and burn set by Tiberian Sun, but now they decide to throw all that setting development out the window (Scrin are AWOL), along with the core C&C gameplay, and inexplicably for such a big brand name from a big publisher, even the graphics look about eight years old. This is like somebody’s homebrew mod for DOW2.

I was a bigtime C&C junkie back in the day, and the series has always had a spot in my heart, but this? I fail to even see the point of this. It’s like taking the worst aspect of every game to bear the C&C name. The terrible UI of Generals, the awful art style of TibSun and the goofiness of Red Alert (bulldozer tanks that reflect shots back at their firer? Yeah…)

The debate is over before the DRM even gets mentioned.

I guess they are jumping on top of the DOTA bandwagon.

I am giving this a pass base on the review. The new Warhammer 40K expansion (also a standalone game by itself) seems to be a better way to spend my money. Hang on 3 months more and maybe I’ll be playing SC2 already.