Anyone play the Fables game The Wolf Among Us?

I like Fables and Telltale’s Walking Dead games. I was wondering if anyone played this and if so what you thought.

I’m wating till they release all episodes, but this game is a must play for me!

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Loved Walking Dead, would like more.

Woo! I love Fables. Getting this on my PS3 tonight. Had no idea it was a thing. :smiley:

I wish I’d realized that they hadn’t already released all of the episodes- we picked it up last week, and played through the first episode the first night. The next night we fired it up, ready to play some more… and were sorely disappointed.

Not sure I really dig this episodic model.

That was my secondary reason for posting this thread. I thought maybe some people didn’t know. :slight_smile:

FYI, Steam has it on sale for the next couple days. Only 10% off, but that brings it down to $22.49. It’s something. I’m tempted.

Out of wonder, is this game totally Walking Dead style? TWD was cool and all, I really liked it, but it was edging on visual-novel with quicktime events territory. I’ll probably wait until it’s on sale if it’s like that, it doesn’t have to be full-on Sam and Max point and click style, but more clever (and numerous) puzzles and a little more complexity would be nice.

As well-done as The Walking Dead was, it tended to fill me with dread, and so I had difficulty drumming up the will to fire it up. Fables has similarly compelling writing, but isn’t quite so hard for me to rip the band-aid off. But having blown through the one episode of Fables, I am left with a jonesing for more. I’m probably going to have to finish The Walking Dead.

They’re already taking pre-orders for Walking Dead 2. The prospects for a Sam & Max 4 are vanishing, it seems.

Gah! Just finished the first installment. Did I do something wrong, 'cause I was totally not expecting…

…to see the head of Snow White, Bigby’s future(?) wife, laying without her body on the steps. :eek:

Pondering another playthrough just to see if I can get a less-bad ending, if that’s the case… :eek:

I’m pretty sure that event is set in stone. A swift kick in the nuts to keep you off your game for the rest of the season.

Damn, you, Telltale! Duuuuuuuuck!

So… is it worth it? Good? How much like “Walking Dead” is it?

I’m definitely enjoying it; can’t compare to Walking Dead, as I’ve not played. And I’ll admit that my opinion may be colored by my love of Fables the comic. I’m not thrilled with the quicktime events part of it–I’ve never been fond of those, and here you’re often having to get the cursor onto a target to even figure out what button to push. Makes them a bit of a struggle for me, particularly when you’re used to the more moderate pace of the rest of the game. Probably less of an issue on PC than it is for me on a PS3, though.

It has the tension and story telling of Walking Dead without quite the same existential dread that made it difficult for me to proceed.

What is the release date for the final episode? I will play this game when all have been released.

The main storyline is always set in stone. That’s one of the biggest complaints about The Walking Dead. Teltale made a big deal about your decisions mattering, but then admitted they really don’t (as they didn’t want people constantly save scumming and ruining the narrative experience).

It’s the main reason I’m still waiting for the game to go under $5. These $7.25 or $6 promotions just aren’t low enough. I played the demo* and liked it, but when it came down to it, it was too expensive even during the Steam Summer Sale. (The really fast decisions really didn’t help things. Time to think is why I am an adventure gamer.)

*Well, a torrent of the first episode, playing only as far as the console demos go. They stupidly didn’t make a PC demo.

They still allowed the player to rewind a scene, at the very least complicating each decision with having watched the results of different paths. I find it tedious to deal with it that way, especially when you get something like the controversial “Glass Him” option in The Wolf Among Us Episode 1, because most of us didn’t assume that meant ‘smash your glass into his face.’ What is the nature of your narrative experience when you don’t know how meaningful your choices are in what way?

Arguably, just having to pay attention and be on your feet creates a greater identification with the character. I don’t like the panic events where you have to keep mashing Q, but they do make the tension of the struggle manifest to the player.

Ah, glad it wasn’t just me. I assumed it meant “clink glasses with him” and was shocked when it turned out to be something quite different. Had to quit and go back to my save with that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted to mention Episode 2 is available. Apparently Steam downloaded it at some point in the background because I had it just by clicking on the game.