Has anyone here played Fable yet?

It’s out now, and I’ve seen a few good reviews, but I haven’t seen any threads. I see 2 possibilities:

  1. All the Dopers with this game have been fired from their jobs, threatened with eviction notices, and dumped by their partner, but they haven’t even noticed because the wall of soda cans around their Xbox shields them from the outside world.

  2. Nobody actually gives a crap about this game.

So, which is it?

For me, it’s (2). At least for now. I was really excited about this game when I first heard about it, but the initial reviews have been lukewarm enough that I’m willing to wait until the price drops a little before I pick it up.

If I had time to play games lately, I’d be playing The Sims 2.

Every RPG I play from now on will be compared to Morrowind.

From the reviews I’ve read, Fable doesn’t sound better enough to grab me. All right, I can have five different wives! … This is fun?

Na-a-a-ah. I’ll wait until Bethesda puts out either Fallout 3 or Oblivion, whichever comes first.

Personally I’m hanging out for KOTOR 2 (done by the same team that did Torment [Duffman]Oh yeah![/Duffman]).

Fable sounds too much like a Black and White type deal – sandbox world with a story grafted on at the last second.

I’ve never been interested in games where my character can die from old age. I like to purposely spend a lot of gametime on a good rpg and nothing would piss me off worse than having this be rewarded by permanent death.

Also, wasn’t Fable originally supposed to be an online game (via xbox live)?

Don’t worry, in Fable, once you reach a certain age, you simply stop aging. You won’t die.

And yes, it was originally supposed to support Xbox Live, but that, along with many other features were dropped, which likely contibuted to its so-so reviews.

Well, that helps.

Any reports on how long it is? Although I loved KotOR, I was a bit dissapointed with its ~40 hours of gameplay. If Fable is over 100 hours I might buy it…

I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard if you’re playing straight through, you can be done in a little over 10 hours. However, apparently there’s dozens of hours of extras, etc, so it really just depends on how one plays the game.

A review I read had the game with all the side quests at about 25 hours. Not super long. You can stretch that out a bit pursuing wives and whatnot, but still, it feels like a very short game. I haven’t finished it yet but I think I am getting close. Taking me a bit longer than I expected after some of the early reviews I had read.

It’s not a bad game though. It would have been nice to see the kind of quests and size of world available in something like Morrowind with this game engine.

Wow, 10-25 hours? I tought this was supposed to be a big epic xbox “killer-app”. One of my only complaints with Knights of the Old Republic was that it was too short and it took me 54 hours the first time I played.

What happened? With all the anticipation I can’t imagine they ran out of funding.

Ardred picked it up this afternoon. (happy birthday, Ardred)

As for length, because every choice you make makes a difference in your character and their interactions, I would think it’s got massive replay value. I haven’t played it yet, as I’m still at work, but the concept sounds great.

What happened? Peter Molyneux. Has that guy released a game that didn’t ultimately fall short and suck since Populace? Some visionary.

I of course mean Populous.

He has a tendency to reach too far I think. You gotta admit, he always pushes the boundary of what’s possible, even if the result isn’t all that great.

From what I’ve seen (my friend played it for about 2 hours in my presence) it seemed like an extremely linear game disguised as being nonlinear.

From what I’ve seen he always talks about pushing boundries but fails in the attempt.

I was looking forward to this game back when it was still Project Ego.

I’ve played for about five hours now, not really doing any of the quests: just exploring. Sometimes, it’s just fun to wander around and appreciate the beauty of the scenery. I haven’t put in any long game time yet-- taking the game in little sips, as it were, to make it last longer.

I’m glad that it’s easy to play. I’m easily frustrated by games which require fast thumb-work and skillful use of the controller. I didn’t grow up with one of these in my hands, so games like Tomb Raider which required a quick succession of button-pressing in precise order would cease to be fun very rapidly.

Count me as one of those having a lot of fun with it.

Dungeon Keeper.

well, three of my friends have been playing it for the last few weeks, and they are having a great time with it. That’s my anacdotal bit for the day.

He did that? Ok that’s still 2 for 4 though. It wouldn’t bug me except that he keeps promising the world and the press keeps acting like he consistantly delivers.