PS4: Looking for choice driven games like Walking Dead (Telltale) or Until Dawn.

I’ve played all the Walking Dead games from Telltale and I just finished Until Dawn.

Would love to play more games like these. I’m not very good at fast paced shooter games so that’s why I tend to gravitate towards these sorts of games.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Telltale has produced a whole bunch of games like Walking Dead.

Look at their whole catalogue, but I can recommend *The Wolf Among Us. *Very good.

You might also like the Quantic Dream games. Similar in that they’re more interactive stories than anything else.

Oh! And if you have a friend to play with, try A Way Out. Don’t read too much about it if you like the premise so as to avoid spoilers.

Came in here to suggest the Quantic Dreams games. I’m a fan of Heavy Rain myself

I believe Heavy Rain is also the free game this month on PS+, so if you have that you’re all set for your next game.

I’ll have to try Wolf Among Us. I tried playing Game of Thrones but lost interest after the first episode. Just wasn’t doing it for me. So it made me a little nervous buying something from TT that wasn’t WD.

Two Souls looks interesting too.

Something else that I’ve been noticing lately is more games having a casual difficulty setting which often says something like “for players who want to enjoy the story.”

In recent memory, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had them. Out of those three, I can only really recommend Horizon Zero Dawn as a truly excellent story experience (not to mention stunningly gorgeous). I also can’t say just how easy those difficulty settings are. Might be worth a google.

Heh, I have HZD. Got stuck after the initiation scene. I had to put it down. My skills aren’t that good. :slight_smile:

Life is Strange and it’s prequel Before the Storm are both excellent. Some people think the dialogue is cringe worthy, but I think it adds to the charm. They’re easily my favorite walking sim/interactive story type of games.

Life is Strange and BtS are good but drop the ending super hard. I… don’t recommend Quantic Dream games because David Cage is an incredibly bad writer with some really gross, offensive trash in his games, but they’re definitely in a similar genre. They require a little more execution skill though.

The Last of Us is a really good game you should try it.

Related: The Uncharted games would work too. Although they’re a bit more action-packed than Last of Us is.

Fallout is good.