Anyone play the Sims?

Seems like everyone’s talking about Sims 2 & 3 these days, but everyone forgets how the series really began. Any original Sims players out there?

To sweeten the pot, here’s a few old-school comics I found, based on the game:

Human BBQ
Sienna’s Evil Twin (my personal fav)
Life and Times of Jennie Nudist (NSFW, requires login)
Mopie Sims (possibly NSFW)

Son, I was playing The Sims when your Great Grandfather was in diapers. Hmm, maybe not, but I did play the original iteration of the franchise. It was very, very entertaining. The build model was unheard of at the time and well done, offering an exceptional level of detail and customization. Sometimes I would spend literal hours just building the house. The game play was initially intriguing and challenging, but quickly became tedious. The micromanagement became overwhelming, feeling more like a chore. It degenerated into a frantic click-fest and lost its feel as a game. The franchise became convoluted with the ridiculous amount of add-ons and I lost interest. I would recommend trying at least the original version and have recently considered buying 3, curious how the game has evolved.

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