Anyone played Pariah

This (apparently overhyped) FPS popped on the scene a month back or so. I’ve heard it wasn’t all that hot, but playing the demos seemed to imply a solid shooter with excellent level design. Anyone have a bead on this game?

I bought it used. It’s not great or anything, but it’s not bad. I haven’t finished it and I’m going to start over on co-op (on the x-box version). The game doesn’t mention anything about a co-op mode, but if someone presses start on the second controller they can join in.

It’s not very story intense, even by FPS standards. But it is kind of fun. The weapons are pretty standard fps weapons, but they’re better done than most.

Heh. I might pick it up then. Nowadays it’s always the over-yped games that get the attention, and they pretty much never live up to it.

Come o think of it, I’ve never played an action game that lived up to the hype. RPG’s, yes (Morrowind and Baldur’s Gate, anyone?) but certainly no FPS. Although Prey looks like there’s finally a company that understands.

Go on, ask what they understand.

Okay, what do they understand?

I think you’ll enjoy it as long as you aren’t expecting anything like Halo.

Never played HALO and it didn’t look all that great.

Simple. There’s no reason you shouldn’t play with the physics. I mean, think about what Half-Life 2 could have been. I was dissappointed in it because they never stretched the genre. They never did anything like the low-gravity sections from Half-Life. They never did anything really cool except for the “gravity gun.” And even that

only got really cool late in the game

In Prey, they’re constantly screwing with things. They have a double character - you in spirit form and you in physical form. They have really scary aliens, not men in ugly masks. They’ve got a massive outer-space invasion. There’s gravitational re-writing on the fly, so you’re walking up walls by battling invading alien wraiths! They’ve got fully-set wormholes, you’re opening gates to the next area and then having running battles through them. There’s jumping onto asteroids in a near-zero-G field, tring to battle enemies while captured airliners are manuvered by alien tech overhead.

It may not be the best game ever. But at least they’re trying to stretch the genre; and with a game, why not? You can rewrite the laws of physics on the fly in games, so do so!

Half-Life 2 promised they’d have a lot of great stuff like that. And from what I understand, it was originally planned. But for some reason during the development cycle (possibly related to the theft?) they took out much of the game, and never even put their own engine through its paces.

All my life, honey, all my life . . .

I wasn’t expecting Halo. I didn’t even know about the game. I played it, and while it wasn’t offensively bad, I just didn’t enjoy it.