Anyone playing multiplayer Mount & Blade?

I picked up Mount & Blade and its two expansions during a Steam sale yesterday for $8.74. I’ve been meaning to play it for a while, but it finally took a dirt cheap price to make me pull the trigger.

I’ll be trying multiplayer tonight. Does anyone else do it? Can you provide any tips and/or join me in some battles?

I believe SenorBeef organizes multiplayer M&B from time-to-time.

Yeah I try to get warband games together from time to time. Nothing too complex - usually just deathmatch or team deathmatch in an arena, and we hit each other in the face with axes. I recorded one of our early games when no one was any good.

I could see if there’s interest to have one this weekend. Add me (same name) on steam.

Yeah. I tried Warband multiplayer for the first time last night. There’s no tutorial or help section, so I pretty much just blindly clicked on a dueling channel and picked a fight. The other guy schooled me hard and I was subsequently kicked from the channel. I didn’t try again.

If I’m home this weekend, I’d definitely like to join you, SenorBeef.

Well add me on steam - same name. I’ll ask around later and see if we have interest in getting a game going. Anyone else interested add me too.

Well I may try to get it going sometime this weekend, but you never contacted me so I have no way of inviting you (or whoever else might be interested).

Yeah we’re gonna start a game soon. If anyone wants in, add me to your friends list.

Well, we ended up having a drunk warband match, and I decided to go on an axe throwing rampage.

Terrible to see so many ax-idental deaths!

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