Any Mount and Blade Warband players?

This game does rock a lot. It’s pretty sweet. You get to adventure around and kick butt, as wel as building yourself and army. Right now I have a 60-man army of mounted seagents (they aren’t called that, but it’s what they are) and some desert bedouins (likewise). And I’m building my peasant women into killer Sword Sisters.

You can also swear allegiance to a king, get fiefs, start rebellions, and even untis the lands under your own banner! I started as a commoner, but I’ve become a nobleman through service to the Sarranid Sultanate. I may not break me vassalization, forfeit my fief, and leave for the Vaegir (Russian) kingdom. It would be easier to defend and that’s where the tough warrior chick I’m pursuing lives. :smiley:

Oh yeah, you can get married, hold feasts, win tournaments (after betting lots of $$ on yourself fopr big bucks, get yourself nigh-invincible with super-armor, and so forth. And trade for more cash, and build an army from all kinds of soldiers, and so on.

Yeah, it’s a great game. I’ve been focusing on multiplayering it for a while now, which is also an area where the game shines; i’m generally not that good at it, but eh, it’s still fun. :wink:

Ah yes, I have spent many a night standing at the top of a castle wall whacking people on their heads with a war hammer. Good times.

I recently added this massive 13th Century Europe mod. It’s essentially in Alpha still but is playable. There’s also a 9th Century Europe mod but I haven’t tried it yet.

Also of interest on that site is a Star Wars mod for non-Warband M&B.

Have you run across any mods that let you play a multiplayer campaign somehow? My friend and I would love to co-op this for more than the one stand-alone battle that the multiplayer option currently offers. How about any mods that have a full-length story line?

Just more standalone battles so far.

Sort of, not for Warband though.