Mount and Blade: Warband To Be Modded Into Game of Thrones!

I don’t know all that much about modding, so all I can do is point to the following thread and say, “Holy Crap!”:

Thread by modders working on adaptation of Mound and Blade: Warband into Game of Thrones, with pix and everything.

Holy crap! Could be a ton of fun if it works out. Sounds an awful lot of work has been put into it, but more to go.

I’ll bump you, seems that should be unnecessary with the hardon all of you have for ASOIAF. :slight_smile:

I tend to shy away from total conversions, as in the past a lot of modders have lost interest halfway through. It looks cool. I haven’t played Warband, but I imagine it’s mostly the same as the original M&B? Would it still be a random mercenary, who can join a side, or not? Khergits are close enough to Dothraaki, and maybe Nords are Wildlings. Vaegir as some Essos group?

For true authenticity, it should switch you to a new character/army randomly every 15 minutes.

About the perfect game to use the GoT setting on.

Well SL Gor Evolved is actually far better than Mound and Blade, and in fact there is a Second Life GoT sim, or was. Havent been there in a while. Still Mount and Blade will be more combat oriented. SL Gor Evolved is actually a whole lot more like GoT than anything else out there. Combat, slavegirls, combat combat combat. Just kinkier than GoT.

The major difference between Warband and the original M&B is that it permits online play with other acutal players, I think. Not sure, I have only played Mount & Blade myself, and noever really got good at it. Because hey, SL Gor.

I haven’t played with other players either because i find this to be one of the few games were cheating just makes it better.

Should this game ever get the triple-a makeover it deserves, I will sincerely give it all the money.

All the money.

  • Gukumatz,
    Has been playing M&B Since it was in beta 0.632, back in 2007.

How do you remember the version!? I first played I think when there were only 3 or so heroes. Rolf, and some others (Borcha?).

Never noticed your quote Gukumatz, but it sounds like you think this project is a terrible idea. :dubious:

Heheh. I went back and searched my e-mail for the first beta they sent to me, that’s where the version number came from. (I remember Borcha - the dumbass - Marnid and Rolf.)