Anyone playing Remember Me?

It’s a PC game that sounds like a Sci Fi version of the old Thief games. I was curious about it and looking for opinions. Anyone playing it? Is it any good?

Reviews are not great so far. Sounds like it’s mediocre at best.

From everything I’ve seen so far, I love the game’s aesthetics. All of the reviews that I’ve read say that it’s a very linear game, so I will wait until it’s discounted on Steam before I buy it.

Note that people are saying it’s an 8 hour game even taking your time for collectibles, but being sold for 50$ bucks. That may be worth it for some, but I wouldn’t really want pay that much. Games like Arkham City and the like are a bit longer and don’t really include looking for collectibles and all in that time.

Additionally, I’ve seen but one positive review so far, and that one was a really, really thin review with few details and good evidence the reviewer sucked at the fighting sections and found them more challenging and engaging than is strictly reasonable. Every other reviewer thought them tedious, obvious, and largely pointless.

Can you point me to a review that actually breaks things down into real terms or examples, rather than just using loaded words like “tedious, obvious, and largely pointless”?

I’ve been looking, but, so far, all I can find are vagueries. And I watched a Let’s Play of the first two episodes, and it seemed perfectly engaging to me. My only problem is that there are too few remix sections. But the only way to get more is to buy the game and make the new IP a success.

Yes, the game is short, but it’s also already been discounted to sub $40.

As for linearity–Arkham Asylum was linear as all get out, and was the better game in the series because of it.

Forgot to mention: if the combat is getting stale, it seems you could just edit your combos. That system seems freaking awesome.

And here’s the sub $40 link. Yeah, it’s listed at $50, but there’s an included 25% off code, making the game $37.50.

If I had a PC that could play the game, I’d be working on getting the money based on what I know now.

Kotaku’s is pretty good. Keep reading after the big “summary” box in the middle. They also have a video of a discussion about why it’s a great piece of science fiction.

Wow. I missed this. Unfortunately, your links were not what I was wanting. I was wanting a breakdown from the perspective of those who don’t like the game. Both of your Kotaku links are about people who mostly like the game.

Well, I guess my late post can also serve as a bump for people who would be interested in the game if they can get it under [del]$40[/del]$50. (It’s gone up.)

Three words: Steam Summer Sale

I’ve played and completed it.

It’s… interesting. I think there are 2 parts to this.
Remember me, as a Game:
It’s not all that engaging.

Combat is a combination of a “press your luck” style combo system (with the danger of being interrupted at any time), with the ability to customise your combo to give you health, damage, or S-Pressen cooldown. S-Pressens are like your tools in figuring out a puzzle (think use cold on fire enemies, water on sand enemies), where a certain S-Pressen hard-counters certain enemies. Servicable, but I wouldn’t play this game for the combat.

Platforming is pretty rote. Minor puzzle solving.
Remember me Story:
Engaging. The world building is very, very nice. It’s a shame I couldn’t explore more of it - the comments that it’s linear is largely true - but at the same time, I appreciate getting the “memory tapes” and reading more of the backstory. The environment is spectacular. I found the ending a bit cringy, but that’s most modern games anyway.

The memory remix, though… wow. If there’s something that calls for a game pad for the full experience, this is it. Wonderful experience, physically. This really resonated, unlike the combat. They should make this into a Phoenix Wright style game, honestly.

In summary, if you’re looking for a Game (like say DMC or Bayonetta, brawler/platformer style) then this is probably not it - you’ll be disappointed. If you want to experience an interactive sci-fi story, this is reasonably good, and there is enough originality in here to really warrant experiencing something new (memory remixes).

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve always wanted to try this game and it’s free now on Playstation Plus.

I’m most of the way through the game and I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed. The environments and visuals look amazing… some of the best I’ve seen in any game (I’ve been proceeding slowly since I really want to look at everything). However, it seems like very little time was put into the rest of the game. The platforming is ho-hum (I was hoping for something more like Assassin’s Creed or at least Prince of Persia), the overly simplistic combat never evolves, and the entire game is quite linear. On top of that, there’s no money system and no way to buy or earn upgrades on your equipment other than what little is given to you by the story. There’s also very little plot beyond “girl has her memories wiped and sets out to regain them.” I have to admit, however, the voice acting is very good.

It’s too bad because Remember Me could’ve been so much more. I don’t know if it was time constraints, budget constraints, or not a big enough dev team, but it fails to deliver on the high expectations it sets up. They should’ve borrowed some ideas from the Xenosaga series.

Edit: This game could’ve been one of the best MMORPG’s ever given enough time and budget.

I can’t recommend the game (found it very linear and hold-holding with pretty dire combat) BUT, if you do play it, do yourself a treat and set it to French language with (English) subtitles on. With the NeoParis background, it’s pretty cool that way.

Well, I see that it’s on sale for $9.99 on Steam today, but what people are saying about it so far doesn’t tempt me much, what with all the other Steam games I don’t have time to play.

Honestly, it’s worth 10 bucks for the graphics alone.