Anyone playing State of Decay?

I just noticed this is available on Steam now. Anyone playing? Is it any good?

I’ve heard nothing but good things about. It’s one of those indie games that are buggy but fun. Haven’t tried it yet though, so hoping someone chimes in with impressions.

Okay. I bit the bullet and spent the $20. Only had a chance to play very briefly. So far it seems fun. I get a sense the creators really want that “You are there” feeling and it comes through pretty well. The controls are a little clunky though. I got damage more than once because I didn’t have a weapon equipped when I thought I did (may have been a bug now that I think about it).

Hoping to spend more time playing this weekend at some point. Anyone else playing?

My coworker’s wife is the community manager on that game. I didn’t even know about the game until I saw it being demoed at this latest PAX. Whacking zombies with car doors is relevant to my interests.

I haven’t picked it up yet because I’m waiting for the controls to be really hammered out. Damn, though, it looks like fun.