State of Decay 1 and 2 for Xbox

Just curious if anyone else was or is playing these games.

I got State of Decay 2 and I have been playing it for a while. I enjoy a lot of the changes (more open world) but I think the zombies are less “horde”-y.

I played the original on my 360. The upside was that it did a really good job of feeling like you’re living through a zombie outbreak. The downside was that it did a really good job of feeling like you’re living through a zombie outbreak.

Scavenging for supplies but trying to be quiet about it, meeting with other survivors and trying to form alliances, building a safe haven, helping others cope with PTSD and other emotional issues, managing resources, etc. It felt like you were living in The Walking Dead. And if you suffered a loss, there was no saved game to reload, you dealt with it and moved on.

But a zombie apocalypse is stressful! It did too good a job of making you feel the pressure and fear and fatigue of always being under assault, always hiding from hordes, being prey for things that want to eat you. You have to maintain your dwindling supplies, repair or replace broken equipment, and sometimes prioritize when you have multiple emergencies at once (do you help fight off the siege at your compound or go help the guy asking for help on the radio?). Eventually it got so stressful that I stopped playing. I don’t need escapism that’s even more stress than my real life. :slight_smile:

I’m curious if the second iteration eases up a bit. There were times I really loved the first game, before it got to be too much.

It’s a lot more “game” like than the emotional slogging in the first one.
I feel like they dumbed-down 2 quite a bit and put more focus on the potential for multi-player. (But they also dumbed-down 1-- if you played it at launch it was so much HARD than it was after some updates)

Some characters have “quests” now and individual skills/knowledge (construction, utilities, medicine, etc). The personality traits are more important now than in 1 if IIRC. Now there is some rhyme and reason to events at base (characters with different personalty traits will get into conflict and you can exile members of the enclave).

They also have a “Leader” system now that guides the game. You can have a Sheriff, a Warlord, a Trader or a Builder which you chose the path kind of early on by choices you make on certain missions. You get different options based on the way you go.

One thing I wished they’d really implement was that individual characters had reputation “points” rather than a bucket that you the player could pull from. “I want to claim that outpost, but it’s 500 reputation points, I need to take this character” Or “I am out of health and ammo and a long way from home, there’s a friendly enclave nearby but I only have enough points for one or the other.”
I also think trading should actually be treated as trading and you have to have something to barter with in order to get items from the other enclaves.

I played 1 at launch and that’s where my experience came from. I probably should have picked it up again later after some updates.

I’ll keep an eye on 2, it sounds more appealing, despite the flaws you mentioned.

I have seen this game,but never played it. Guess I will buy and give it a try. Sounds like the type of game where I am going to play like a jerk and look out for myself. If you can steal supplies from other survivors I am afraid that ia what I would be doing.

I played 1 on PC, had a lot of fun with it but never completed the game.

Gameplay is mostly looting, fighting zombies, resource/personnel management, and base building.