Thoughts on Dead Space 2? (no unboxed spoilers, please)

I bought Dead Space when it was at 75% off during the Steam Summer Sale, and now it and Dead Space 2 are at 75% off again. Yahtzee didn’t sound that impressed with it, but I thought I’d get a less jaded opinion about whether I should get it despite EA’s hard earned reputation for ruining franchises.

Are the levels bigger than in the original game? Or is there anything else you’d choose to say makes the game superior to its predecessor?

I’d say DS 2 is a fairly good game, but isn’t as good as DS 1 principally because not much is new.

DS 1 I really enjoy for being a kind of Event Horizon game and was quite original in gameplay, and while linear, concealed this behind objective-based levels, in order to repair the ship you’re on. DS 2 kept that going but set it in a city in space - a slightly different environment from the first game that I didn’t enjoy quite as much, and the objective simply to get from A to B.

A bit like Bioshock and Bioshock 2 - both good games, but 2 didn’t add much new stuff.

I thought that 2 was an overall better game than the first. My main complaint with the original was that after the first couple of hours the scares, tension, and difficulty dropped to virtually nothing even on hard. The second is more action based (which doesn’t mean much honestly considering how action based the first was) but more consistently adds in new enemies to keep you on your toes.

I would also say that those enemies give some of the secondary weapons more use, unlike the first I had difficulty using the plasma cutter exclusively relatively early on, I actually ended up purchasing the pulse rifle only a couple of hours in, whereas in the first I didn’t need a second weapon until the very end of the game. Still it is basically more of the same, still entirely linear (in fact probably more so than the first) and mostly predictable in terms of scares. If you liked the first you’ll probably like the second but there’s not much new here.

I concur with the above. Somewhat more action, not much new or different than the previous game. The Unitology/Scientology humor is pretty funny, and apparently written by the son of a SDMB admin. The final boss fight isn’t nearly as good as DS1.

I loved DS2, played it through multiple times. The fully upgraded spear-gun-thing is maybe my favorite video-game weapon of all time.

Thanks for the responses. Would someone in the US be willing to help out by gifting the game to me in exchange for $6 via Paypal?