Dead Space 2


I just bought this for my PS3 (I agonized over this decision…I was sorely tempted to get it on PC instead, but I want to play this on my big screen in full-blown HD, and I just got a PS3…so I guess I just want to use it some).

I never played the first game. I bought the game based off of my general liking for games like Fallout 3, The Bioshock series, etc and its received glowing reviews and I’ve watched a couple demos and it looks amazing.

Anyone else playing this? I haven’t taken it out of the box yet…what do I need to know? Am I going to have a steep learning curve because of not knowing anything about the story from not playing the first game? Any tips for a rookie before I get started?


I’m playing through Dead Space 2 as well, and I beat the first one a few years ago. No, you don’t need to know the story to enjoy it. HOWEVER, there is actually a video you can watch from the main menu that’ll catch you up to speed.

As for tips: Search everywhere for money and ammo–you’ll need it!

Can I play it alone in a dark basement without getting a heart attack?

Some will disagree, but I’d say no. With that said, that is, of course the correct way to play. Dark room, no one around, sound cranked. I found myself terrified.

I just picked up Dead Space for $10 a couple of weeks ago. I am playing still, only PS3. I like the game and will consider DS2, but I will probably get it for the PC.

I played the first one and loved it, never tried the Wii one but I heard it’s just a rail shooter. I played the first 15 minutes of DS2 and I loved that “confined” feeling.

The first one was great. It was pretty creepy. This one is very good too but it’s nowhere near as creepy as the first. This one seems to be more of a move from a to b type game without much exposition. That’s kind of disappointing. The baby necromorphs are creepy and they travel in packs so they really eat up your ammo.

Good game though.

I think I found the first of the scheduled PC bugs that all games MUST have upon release - there’s a bit where some unitarians capture me, then the window gets blown out, I get out of there but a creature gets me… during the ‘cutscene’ I see that my ammo shows up, which usually implies that I have to shoot at something to get free… but my fire key doesn’t work… so this cut-scene repeats endlessly, with me powerless.

I think it’s chapter 5. I can aim at the thing, but holding or pressing fire does nothing. I can’t use stasis. I can’t use KT, I can’t use secondary fire, and I try other weapons, none can fire.

Got past it. For some reason, for that part only, the melee button fires the weapon. WTF!!?

I picked up Dead Space off Steam for under $7 a week or so ago. I played it for about a half-hour, then DL’ed X-mouse to let me assign some functions to the mouse buttons that were unused. I have a thumb-button set up to go to aim mode, fire the time-slowing weapon, then leave aim mode(the controls seem a little awkward on the PC, but x-mouse improves that a bit). Then I played it enough to verify the macro works, then I quit playing because it’s too spooky. I mean, really eerie, claustrophobic, scary. I’ll get back to it, maybe even tonight, but damn, really atmospheric.

I’m curious to hear how it is… DS 1 wasn’t worth full retail buy was kinda fun.

There’s a MP mode that’s kinda fun. Humans vs. Necromorphs. It’s not full blown. Only 4 on 4. DS2’s not a radical departure from the original but I enjoyed that game immensely.

So I played it for like 5 minutes last night…didn’t even make it past the first alien. I need to read the instructions but after I get up off the bed or whatever, I can’t do anything other than slowly move…and then get slain. Repeatedly.

That bit drove my wife insane from DS1: the pace is deliberately quite slow and you can’t really run. It may be a feature, not a bug.

I found the controls awkward in DS1 too. DS2 is less awkward… In fact apart from a slight mouse acceleration effect, the controls are spot-on.

In DS1 I found myself wasting ammo because the aiming reticle would shoot past what I was aiming at because of the acceleration. In DS2 it doesn’t happen. I am able to get more of my ammo on target.


That’s a ‘feature’ of the very beginning of the game. It’s not long before you’ll be running. What’s more - when you get a suit for the first time your run and walk speed is vastly improved. After this the game’s pace is dictated quite nicely in other ways.

L1/Left-Bumper is run.

I don’t think running is possible during the very first bit of the game.

It is; the game even has a prompt that instructs you to.

Hold L1 and run past everything. You will get hit but you should be able to easily make it through the first area without dying.