Anyone remember a band called Klaatu?

Back in my pimply youth, Klaatu was my favorite band… yet it seems no one else has ever heard of them!

Anyone here ever heard of them? Here’s an article about them via Google.

So, am I the only one who bought their records (yes, this was befre CDs came out…)?

i have their albums. But then, I worked at a record store, and got to take home the demos for free. I wasn’t that impressed with them. Ok, but nothing to write home about.

They got a lot of press because some people swore they were really the Beatles.

I don’t think I ever heard their music, but I loved the name. Any band that makes reference to '50s SF is okeydokey in my book.

I do remember them, though I don’t have their albums. “Sub Rosa Subway” and “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Crafts” are great songs.

But the group was done in by their hype. When their album came out, someone had the bright idea of making the suggestion that maybe they were actually the Beatles in disguise. So they got a blip of “Are they or aren’t they?” publicity (the album had no pictures or names on it), but once that was over, people felt like they had been tricked and ignored them. It was second only to Brinsley Schwartz* as the wrong way to start out a group’s career.

*A British band whose members included Nick Lowe. Their publicist had the bright idea of flying British critics to the Filmore East to see them perform the songs on their first album. The group was delayed by visa problems and had no chance to rehearse before the concert. The plane flying the critics developed engine trouble, and there was a serious chance of a crash. The critics landed in NYC, four hours late, and extremely drunk or hung over, and not very happy about risking their lives for a rock act. The group, unable to rehearse, played poorly. They were savaged in the media and their first album sunk without a trace. Luckily, they got a new start as a pub band and a modest success.

Yes I luv them
I bought all there albums.

I thought once of calling my self “little neutrino” (small letters) or Dr. Marvello or COOIC or earthmen.

A friend of mine put Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III on a mix tape for me, but that’s about all I know of them. Great song, though.

And instead of just linking to an article about them, why not the official site?

The only one I have is Peaks, and I have to concur with those who gave them an OK but nothing fabu.

I thought that was by The Carpenters.

I have their first two albums. Again, they had a good light sound but nothing that stood up to time.

The Carpenters covered it.

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft is on the first Due South soundtrack. That’s why I’ve heard of them.

I had one album, i think it must have been the first one[callinginterplanetary craft was on it as I recall=)]

It was a christmas present - I liked it well enough but not nough to buy any more of thir stuff, it was too beatles sounding. Nothing against the beatles but I really never liked their overall styles, I am more of a heavy metal type=) though my brother and I had a record player and out first record was the 45 for “she loves me” though for the life of me I have no idea what the B side song was, I only remember us playing the A side.

Of course I do! I have all their vinyl LPs and singles, and all their CDs.

It’s Alfred…!


I was starting to doubt my sanity. No one else that I’ve talked to recently has ever heard of them.

I’ll grant you that they don’t hold up, but for a time I loved them! And some of their songs still wander through my head from time to time; they did have some fairly good stuff…

LOL, you think that is bad, try finding a copy of Billy Mitchell’s “Might Be Hope” album. Apparently his name isnt billy mitchell despite what it says on teh cover…I had a copy and some asshat who burgled my flat took half my vinyl, and this was one of the ones that went=(

Hell, right now I would settle for bootleg MP3s if I could get them…it was a gift from a now dead exboyfriend and was very sentimental for me=(

Here ya go!

Why, yes I have! I’ve got all the vinyl LPs. I eagerly anticipated their albums when they came out and was more disappointed as time went on. I still love the first 3 albums, but the corporate machine broke them down and they lost their focus. The last album, Magentalane, was a decent swan song but didn’t stand up to the first 2. Being 12 when I got their first album and loving the next few, this was my favourite band as a young teen. Imagine my shock to discover I’d missed live performances of the band just minutes away from my home! Hard to believe that I survived my teenage years without the internet.

So I found the website a few years ago and have checked it out every few months. They’ve had some get-togethers of the fan base and those affiliated with the band. I had considered going, but after seeing the pictures of the event in a guys suburban back yard, I didn’t feel comfortable. I now see that they have announced a Konvention on May 6-9 just 20 minutes from my house. I would love to go…IF I HADN"T JUST BOOKED A FLIGHT TO ENGLAND FOR MAY 2-24! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!

I know of them only because ther are on an all-Canadian compilation boxed set, “Oh, What a Feeling”.

Ditto. That song was featured on an ep when Fraser and Vecchio had to deal with an Area 51 type installation surrounded by alien fanboys.