Anyone remember a children's game/arts/crafts book called "Good Times"?

I was born in 74, so I’m guessing this book was published in the late 70’s to early 80’s. It was illustrated, soft cover. Full of instructions of how to make a variety of paper airplanes…how to make a little windmill…how to prepare fun snacks (with Mom and Dad’s help in the kitchen of course).

But what I remember the most was the motif of funny little pigs holding up signs with letters of the alphabet. The pigs and signs were used to spell things throughout the book, from the front cover to chapter titles. The pigs were constantly up to mischief and richly illustrated. You had to slowly pour over them to see all of their little quirks. They would sometimes have problems arranging their letter signs into actual words.

I got hours of enjoyment out of this book when I was a kid, but I can’t find anything about it with Google. :frowning:

I think we might still have it somewhere back at the homestead with my Mom. If my fellow dopers can’t help me fill in the blanks, I’ll pester her to clean out a bookshelf or too.

This seems vaguely familiar to me.

Was their a picture of a kid on the front cover with a finger or straw or something up his nose?

Not that I recall…

The cover was illustrated the same as the rest of it (only in color). The only thing I remember on it was the pigs spelling out “GOOD TIMES”.

Good Times : Every Kid’s Book Of Things To Do , by Marilyn Burns, published in 1979. I didn’t see it for sale on, didn’t check I ordered through inter-library loan and saw it was available at three libraries in Wisconsin. On google I saw it on a few interlibrary loan websites in other parts of the country. It sounds like a winner. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you leroy_the_mule!! :smiley:

I forgot to mention the vague memory of a secondary title…