Anyone remember this radio commercial: Financial advice from guy on telephone

I know he touted investing in the futures market and “home heating oil” several years ago, but it was an ongoing spot by some investment firm, I assume. The trademark was that the guy sounded like he was on the phone.

Anyone remember those commercials, what what company it was?

(And no, I’m not interested in investing in home heating oil.)

Is that the guy who would say “Weather conditions exist right now over key growing areas worldwide”? I love how perfectly vacuous that line is. In that ad I think he was flogging commodity futures, but he did sound like he was on the telephone. … trying to remember name of company …

Ooh! Ooh! I know it!

The guy is Patrick T Parker and the company is Barkley Financial. I found a mention of it here. Their website:

I was hoping this was about “It’s Patrick, he took out Life Insurance!”

Bingo! Many thanks Manduck.