Anyone remember this SNL sketch?

Recently, I was burning my old SNL episodes to DVD, and I found a montage sketch compiled of all the Bush Sr. administration sketches up to that point (1992; this was from the “Presidential Bash” episode aired just before the '92 elections). There was a brief clip from an episode that was aired on 12/9/89. It started out with a shot of the kid they sometimes had playing Quayle, asleep on the floor in front of the Oval Office desk under a plaid blanket. Dolly out to show Dana Carvey as Bush Sr. saying, “Shhhhh…The Vice President just fell asleep…Doesn’t he look like a little angel?..” Then they cut to the next sketch.

So my question is, does anyone remember the sketch, and where it went from there? I assume, since it was aired in December, that Quayle was supposed to be waiting for Santa; if so, how was that resolved?

The guests that evening were Robert Wagner and Linda Ronstadt/Aaron Neville, if that’s any help (though it probably isn’t, since the guest host rarely appears in Oval Office sketches). Anyway, thanks in advance if anyone can answer!

I don’t know, but if Robert Wagner was hosting, I think that’s the show with the “Night of the Masturbating Zombies” sketch. (“We got a bunch of dead people punchin’ the Munchkin here!”)

Rilch I think you need to SIMMA DOWN NOW!!!


That was the leadoff sketch of the evening, wasn’t it?

According to the website, yes. But they don’t have a transcript.