Can't find a Saturday Night Live Routine

I’ve only seen it once, I believe is was on one of those “best of” shows. Memory serves, it was much of the original cast members. The skit took place on a passenger airliner. There was a spitting section and many of the tobacco-chewing passengers were spitting, sometimes all over the flight attendants.

Anyone know where a video can be found? Can’t find it anywhere, even You Tube.

Do you recall whether Bill Murray or Chevy Chase was in the sketch?

Didn’t watch the whole thing yet to prevent getting ninja’d

Thanks much. I’ve looked for that for years.

Wow! That was great! From the description I guessed it had to be from the late 80s Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks etc. cast heyday, but somehow I completely missed this episode. Had no idea Garry Shandling ever even hosted SNL…

LOL - I already know I can’t watch that.

I tried to post it on Facebook, but there’s something preventing it.

I would love to find another SNL sketch.

As I recall, it starred Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who portrayed W’s twin daughters.

I just loved how they complained to each other about the way people referred to their father calling him:

dumbest world leader
dumbest president ever

I LOL’d real hard at this.

Is it OK for me to ask people here? Or should I post a new thread? I thought it might be better to avoid starting a new thread now that the OP’s request has been satisfied.