Anyone remember this?

When I was in the fourth grade ('98-'99) in Killeen ISD, we had a Crayola truck/van come to our school. It was big enough for a class full of young kids to climb inside and do something, I can’t remember what, with hot, molten crayon. Each vat/tub was a different color and I distinctly remember the smell and the heat of the stuff.

Did anyone else experience this?

No but I seem to remember some mention of it when I did the plant tour/Crayola Experience 10 or more years back. It wouldn’t surprise me but I failed to Google up any info.

No, back in my day, we had to melt Crayola crayons in the classroom… AND WE LIKED IT!

We didn’t have no highfalutin Crayola truck to come to our school.

worth repeating! :cool:

Did you remember this on your own, or is this a “memory” your therapist helped you form?



No, but the fact that you view '98-99 to be the distant, murky past makes me a little cranky, though.


I believe I remember something about recycling crayons by melting them down and making new crayons out of them. Google has a couple of entries but I didn’t see anything about a truck coming to the school.

I got in trouble in school for melting crayons on the steam radiator when I was in the 5th grade. Does that count?

We also were never visited by the Weekly Reader Mobile or allowed to order anything from the catalog. It was so weird. “Hey kids! Here is the glossy catalog full of neat books and craft stuff! Too bad our school district is so lame and your parents so poor that you can’t actually have any of it!”

My father was so cheap he’d do this with our bar soap.
I thought I had dreamed up the existence of huge Tinker Toys we used to build structures, but no!