Anyone see "The Kids in the Hall" on Letterman friday?

For some reason my VCR quit recording during the first half-hour of the show. I got this info from the “Lateshow” website:

THE KIDS IN THE HALL: The gang is all here: Kevin, Scott, Bruce, Dave, and Mark. Dressed as men playing poker, they discuss what is bothering as if they were women. Topics include menstruation, menopause, the childbearing years, hot flashes, boobs, and lesbians. Watch for their Pay-per-view special Saturday night and their Tour of Duty DVD.

I know the Tour of Duty DVD is a recording of their live show from last year. Anyone know what the pay-per-view special is? Also curious to know how they came across on the Letterman show. Thanks.

They came off a little flat, IMHO.

I was gonna watch 'em, but I fell asleep when Dave was talking to Brendan Frasier. If only they didn’t spend so much time in the beginning with their stupid unfunny time-wasting segments I coulda seen 'em.

And when I woke up the TV was off and everything was dark…


I saw it. I was a bit underwhelmed by it, but then I usually was with their stuff back in the day too. To this non-fan’s eye it looked about like the original material.

From that description, I think you’re right. I didn’t watch it either, but, if they had to do an ensemble skit from the olden days (and make no mistake, being on Letterman, they did have to do an ensemble skit, even if those weren’t the best), I think Skura the Friendly Shark might have been a better pick.

Still had that great guitar riff, though.

I squisha your head!

See, now I liked it. The idea of a group of men–apparently blue-collar, average joes–ending up talking about wanting a period, (helps keep everything organized) and breasts (to be able to feed a child, not just for fun), being maternal and finding an up side to menopause (hot flashes, never needing a coat) struck as both funny and sweet. Maybe I just miss seeing them perform, but I thought it came off well.

The guys looked good but it was heatbreaking how poor the material was for that skit.

ID this line KITH line
“What have you DONE!?”

I didn’t see the Letterman show, but the skit described sounds word for word like one from the early seasons.

Here it is - - The Poker Game from Season One.

You can’t fool a Kids In The Hall fan with that.

I saw them. Time has taken its toll on Dave and Mark but the rest of them look pretty good. The skit was done flawlessly but it was never very funny in the first place. Are they going on a tour soon or something? Was this just for fun?

Yes, meyer, that’s the skit, I just don’t remember ever seeing it. This exchange:

is exceptionally funny, at so many levels. I’d bet women like this skit more than men, but I may be being sexist when I say that. :wink:

I’ll look it up after I get a pitchuh for da goils of da deah, or beah, by duh wattah.

I caught their reunion stage show once and was disappointed because almost all the sketches were word-for-word from their TV show. Geez, for $45, I’d hope for mostly original material.

I went to see a stage show of theirs too, a few years ago - in the fall of 99 or the spring of 2000? - and found the same thing. It was cool to see them live, but I was pretty well familiar with all their work, so I could almost say the lines along with them to certain parts. I always wanted to see them, so I guess it was worth it, but it was awfully expensive.

That and it seemed like they hadn’t rehearsed at all - they screwed up cues, entrances, lines, the whole works.

Didn’t Monty Python shows suffer from the same deficiency?

Of course, it’s hard to be a tight comedy sketch group with new material when everyone’s working on different projects rather than together.

Not exactly sure, but Chickenlady’s father is the one who done it.