Anyone see the NY Yankees - Boston Redsox game this Saturday?

I was just exhausted watching the ESPN highlights a few minutes ago. Anyone watch this game in real time? Was it as exciting as it looked?

Fighting Gives Way to Red Sox’ Dramatic Knockout Blow in 9th Inning

No, I didn’t see it.
Thanks for asking though.

It was great, especially if you were cheering for a Yankees loss. (Whether the BoSox win or not is neither here nor there for me).

The game had just about everything. A good brawl, some great defense, some excellent offense (obviously, with that score), and a really exciting finish. Despite the high score, there was even some very good pitching at scattered points during the game.

It was one long sonofabitch. The top of the sixth inning alone lasted more than 30 minutes. I almost turned the TV off when the Yankees took a 9-4 lead, but decided to stick it out. Glad i did.

I saw it from the fourth inning on–yes, I missed the fight in the top of the third. There were a lot of strange things in that game: Alan Embree throwing a fit after he was taken out, the three errors in the top of the sixth, Riviera blowing a save with a two-run lead, and of course the fight, where two Red Sox ganged up on the Yanks’ starting pitcher (what the hell was he doing out there, anyway? why didn’t the Yankees pitching coach restrain him in the dugout?)

I’m not sure it was one of the best games I’ve ever seen, but it was certainly one of the strangest.

I’ve been to Fenway 2x as a NYY fan and have even complimented Boston Red Sox fans on the way I and others were treated in their (poor excuse for a) stadium.

I’ll be the 1st to admit Red Sox fans are treated much, much worse in the Bronx than I myself have ever witnessed or heard about with regards to NYY fans up in Beantown. That being said, something just happened this weekend to a few guys I work with that has skewed my opinion:

After being thrown out of the game in the 7th inning by Fenway security for mild ribbing (under the guise of obnoxiousness - not fighting or throwing stuff), they got roughed up by four Boston Policeman outside the stadium. One of my coworkers (who doesn’t exaggerate) got thrown down to the ground and kicked and another had a nightstick held to his throat, after being told, “This isn’t NYC, if you wanna yell ‘so does your mother’ replies to Yankees / suck Jeter blows taunts, go do it back home.”

Back to the OP, great game / good series - poor outcome.