anyone see tyson fight last night?

i did. he knocked the guy out in about 49 secconds. sort of a waste but it was interesting…a nice straight punch to the chin. i think he needs to fight actual contenders before trying to take on lewis again? any thoughts? how about that drivel about his back being broken? and the rest of the nonsense he spewed? why doesnt someone make him be quiet after the bouts? i like tyson but he really comes out with of the wall crap…and people say bush is a terrible public spaeker…

I looked a the face of the guy on the floor after he was KO’d & he seemed to have a funny grin on his face & his eyes were jumping around. He might have thrown the fight.

Now, I’m no fan of Bush, but that’s hardly a fair comparison.

Bush is a lifelong politico and our President. Logic holds that he will have some advanced speaking skills.

Tyson is a convicted criminal who hits people for money. Do you really expect an intelligent discourse from this door knob?

But back to the fight. It was odd. I watched the rerun on Showtime. It was scheduled to be over at 11:00 and the fight introductions started around 10:45, so I had a bit of a tip-off that it would be a quick fight.

I don’t know if that other guy threw the fight or not (I suspect he didn’t), but he didn’t exactly look like he was in the best of shape either.

As for Tyson … if he can land that punch on that kind of opponent in the first 50 seconds of every fight, he’ll probably be undefeated until he turns eighty. But at this stage of his career, he’s toast after around round 2 or 3.

And yes, he’s an idiot. I figured that was granted.

“I broke my back”
“Really champ? A cracked vertebrae?”
“All praise be to Allah — um … I dunno, something like that.” (pretty close to the actual quote)

Man Etienne practically jumped on the ground after that hit. I mean he had his freakin mouthpiece out almost before he hit the canvas. It seems obvious to me that the "Black Rhino"s gameplan was :

  1. Talk smack

  2. Get hit

  3. Fall down

  4. Cash check

This was no fight.

By the way did anyone else see the live press conference on ESPN after the fight with Tyson cursing like a drunken sailor ? High comedy.

Tyson pretty much said this is what we do. We fight each other to make money. As far as throwing the fight. I thought a fixed fight usually went a few rounds so people could get their moneys worth. But it may have a lot to do with betting too. Maybe there was a lot of money bet on a first round knock out. I’m not sure how all that shakes out.

The public still has an interest in this guy. The way the division is now, I doubt the “average” sports fan could name five heavyweights. And when asked, imho, Tyson’s name would come up first nine times out of ten.

He’s looking for a least one more huge payday. And he’ll have it.

I’m not really suggesting that the fight was fixed in terms of a massive conspiracy (though I do believe that has probably happened before). Rather I believe that Clifford Etienne simply decided he wasn’t gonna get hurt - just get paid. You may recall that just as Tyson was finally flying into Memphis last week, Etienne went live on ESPN via telephone and said he was pulling out of the fight. It has been reported that he was convinced by his wife to “unwithdraw”. I mean here’s a guy who learned to fight in prison and wasn’t generally seen as anywhere close to an upper tier fighter. I just feel his wife likely told him “hey why are you copping out of a million dollar payday ? Thats more money than either of us have ever seen - go and just lay down the first time Iron Mike really pops you and we’ll be set for life.”

Thats exactly what it looked like to me. Clifford seemed very eager to get the whole thing over with. It was never a real competitive bout.

My $.02

hey jack, logic also holds to the fact that not every convicted criminal is an idiot…i’m a convicted violent felon…my point was that maybe tyson or a close friend should read interviews and watch tapes just to see how silly he sounds at times…surely someone would get paid to tell him this much, you know, keep his ignorance in check. as far as my comparison goes, i’m sorry you didn’t like it…i’ll be sure to check in with you next time just to be sure i don’t make a mistake like that again…

My take on the after fight was different – fully 60% was the ususal Tyson complete bullsh^t insanity (e.g. I broke my back).

But about 40% was, I don’t know, not as crazy. “I always need money … I’m not ready for Lewis I need more fights … I need to get my life together”. I guess I’m saying I’m just a tiny bit glad to see a little self awareness creeping in.

As for Etienne: "This was the way I had to fight him,’’ Etienne said. "How else could I fight him?’’ Uh, maybe not stand like a statue and trade punches with him? Holy crap I’m not sure any heavyweight except Buster Douglas has stood toe to toe the whole time and squared off (& won).

I’ll say this for Etienne tho, apparently he whispered in Tyson’s ear that he should get his act together and become the heavyweight champion once again. (ESPN). Amen to the getting his act together part.

Etienne did not “throw” the fight. He got hit with a vicious right that knocked him down hard and instantly drained his will to win, assuming he ever had any. That’s a legit KO.

I’ve pretty much given up on Tyson, but he did say something sincere and intelligent, namely, that he is not ready for Lewis and needs two or three fights to prepare. He also needs Freddie Roach as his trainer.

Unfortunately, the crooks who run boxing probably won’t allow Tyson to have those 2 or 3 fights, because they are too afraid that given any time at all, Tyson will self-destruct before the big payday.

By the way, I don’t really think Tyson is an idiot. Sociopath, yes, but not an idiot.

There’s a fun job.

“Hey champ, this part of your tirade here was kinda…” (receives punch to the head)

Ok. Heck, it’s probably not a bad idea.
Need my email address?

I hope you didn’t pull anything jerking your knee.

jack, you’re a very witty guy. keep your address for right now, if i need your attention i’ll just post a dumb comparison and the bell beside your pc will most likely go off…

All right, you two, break it up and go back to your corners.

I thought he was just going to fade into Bolivian :confused:

I sorta caught something on ESPN yesterday where Mike was doing a press conference and he said something along the lines of:
I do other things besides fight. I like to get high, or take care of my kids or be with my wife. Things like that[/paraphrase]

Anybody else catch that?

Etienne most definitely did not throw the fight. Watch his right leg twist awkwardly as he goes down - if that’s acting, that’s spectacular.

Of course, he was perfectly packaged for Tyson. He likes to slug it out with his opponents, has no descernable defense, and has a weak chin (I’ve seen earlier fights of his where he seems to be seriously hurt at least once a round). And to top it all off, he didn’t seem to be in the best of shape.

Or am I the only one who caught his man-boobs bouncing during the pre-fight?

Hi, USCDiver -

Tyson is divorced again. I thought he was fighting because his last ex took him to the cleaners.

Tyson’s behavior and statements both shortly before and shortly after fights tend to be more bizarre than usual. I believe he in on some kind of medication that he has to quit before fights so as to test clean on his drug-screenings.


Tyson cranks up the wildness before his fights to get people talking. Yes, he’s a sociopath, but there’s a pretty shrewd mind back there too, and he knows that if he gets his name on people’s lips for doing crazy stuff, those people will want to watch him fight.

I’m not saying everything he’s done has been publicity stunts, but I think over the years he’s gotten slightly less “authentically” crazy (not quite sure what I mean there, but I hope you’re following) and now makes a practice of cranking it up to get on the front page. And it works mighty well. Remember right after the Lewis-Tyson match? Tyson was suddenly a changed man. He hugged Lewis’s mom. And in a scene straight out of David Lynch, Tyson tenderly wiped some of his own blood off of Lewis’s face. Like all professional athletes, these guys are essentially entertainers, and they know that, so they keep it entertaining.

Basically the guy’s got monstrous debts (legal debts especially, plus financing his wild lifestyle back in his heyday) and there’s only one thing in the world he can do to make money, and that’s get in the ring. He can’t just go get a job like you and I would; he can’t go do commentary, obviously; he can’t even do product endorsements like Ali and Foreman have done, because no product wants him. His own wildness (which, again, I think has mostly been replaced by a tired acceptance of his media role as Circus Geek) has backed him into a situation in which the only thing he can do to make money is get in the ring and take (or give) beatings.

I find it kind of sad, though my pity is tempered by things like the rape conviction and biting Holyfield’s ear off.