Anyone Speak Afrikaans/Dutch - Can I get a translation please?

SFW, lasts about 15 seconds.


sorry cant watch movies at work, maybe when I get home

Well, the first thing the two kids say is their names.

And that is one funny video!

Too quick for me - I think it may even be German rather than Dutch, it’s not Afrikaans.

Agreed - pretty sure that’s German.

I was expecting it to be Miiiiiiiieeeeeeeeelies!

Yes, it sounded German to me, too, even though it had some Dutch notes written below.

It’s a Dutch site sponsored by Grolsch; the kids are speaking German. First they introduce themselves (Sven and Michael) and then they announce that they are going to do their ultimate trick. They then proceed to perform said trick. The German is not standard so I’m sure someone will be along to identify more precisely what region these boys might be from.

Definitely German, they spoke very fast though. I tried 4 times, but couldn’t catch the word that turns out to be ‘ultimate’. Funny video…

Not standard?

If there would be something called standard German that is used by kids irl this is it.

As German accents go its pretty close to ‘Hochdeutch’.

German without a doubt. I usually have a hard time understanding the language spoken by youngsters, but after they introduce themselves, one of them says they’re going to show us their (something) trick, but I can’t quite catch the adjective.

ETA: The logo in the beginning, though, is Dutch.