Anyone travel to Paraguay for holiday/vacation?

Someone told me that Paraguay was the only country that he knew of where the people from that country told him not to bother to visit, there was nothing to see.

Anyone here travel to Paraguay (on their own accord and not business)? Great under-appreciated vacation spot or backwater hell?

I’ve been to Paraguay just for the hell of it. I was at Iguazu Falls, which is truly spectacular, and as is my wont, wandered over the border for a couple of days. The town on the border there is Ciudad del Este and I figure it to be the model for Mos Eisley as it is indeed a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

It’s a major portal for shitty electronics, counterfeit items and smuggling. I quite often like to try Chinese food in different countries, and I had the shittiest Chinese food I’ve ever had anywhere on the planet. It cost me $30 to bribe my way out of the country as they said my passport stamp which I had received days before was illegal. The town is built out of billboards and cardboard boxes as far as I could tell. Granted, I’ve only been to Ciudad del Este but I’ve heard that Asunción is a shithole.

The War of the Triple Alliance killed off something like 60% of the population and I don’t think the country ever recovered.

Yikes :eek:

Crosses Paraguay off the bucket list…

“No Hay En Paraguay”
There is absolutely no reason to go there.
Unless you are a narco smuggler, car thief, human trafficker, etc.