Anyone tried the new crispy chicken strips from Burger King yet?

If so … how are they? Initial reviews online say “too much breading!” and “cool new sauces!” (Jalapeno BBQ, and Kung Pao.) Should I try 'em?

Pretty much on-par with McDonalds chicken strips. The new sauces could be interesting, but you can get them with their regular chicken nuggets too. They are improved over the old ones that were shaped like kiddie cartoons though…

Hmph. I haven’t had the McD ones, so I can’t compare.
ETA: Should I have the McD strips? Also, points out 1st responder’s username/post combo.

They’re pretty bland but unoffensive. Can’t see how anyone can justify a $1.00/strip price.

I thought they were over salty and my serving was pretty stale. Fast-food chickenoid usually is too salty for my taste though. A person of more average salt sensitivity might not object.

They weren’t too bad, about like KFC’s but no hot sauce :frowning: . I did like the Kung Pao sauce.