Anyone up for a Left4Dead-2 SDMB team?

Been awhile since I played Left4Dead but I have purchased and downloaded L4D-2 and await its go-live date next Tuesday.

In the past we had fun with fellow Dopers running around shooting zombies.

Any dopers left getting this game and want to go bash the new horde of zombies?

Maybe a little practice on L4D before it goes live?

The official Steam community page for L4D2 says the release day is on Monday. There’s lots of dopers that have pre-ordered the game. I bought the four pack with three other dopers.

[thread=539472]Earlier[/thread] thread about the upcoming release.

Sure, I’m not above kicking your ass in VS. :wink:

Sorry I missed the other thread…

Anway, bring it buster if you think you got the moxy :wink:

I guess I will go to the other thread to coordinate teams. Leave this for smack talk. :wink:

It gets released around midnight EST on the 16th if my client is right, so I set up an event for the SDMB steam group on the afternoon of the 17th to remind everyone. I will probably be around and playing the moment it’s released, but I figured the afternoon of the next day is when we’ll have everyone on and playing.

I suspect we’ll be jam packed with games for weeks.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to complete all the campaigns at least once before going into versus. Maybe a game of* Scavenge*? The scavenge mode sounds like fun, and you don’t need to know the maps by heart like in VS. The survivors objective is to find gas canisters, take them to fill a generator and get it working. The infected have to prevent the survivors until the time runs out. Like in Survival, the action is limited to smaller maps.

Beef, I noticed you can’t leave comments on the SDMB group page. Was this a conscious decision? It would be nice to be able to leave comments, but I understand if nobody has the energy to moderate it.

As far as I know there’s no option to enable/disable comments. I posted a comment now to test it out and it worked.

Then the problem is on my end. Thanks anyway.

Eh, on the group page I see this: “The settings on this account do not allow you to add comments.”

Anyway, I know this thread is a couple of months old, but I picked up L4D2 during the holiday sale, and it’s great! I searched, found this thread, joined the Steam group (which I didn’t know existed), and hope to blast zombies with some of you! I’ve played some random “Quick Matches” so far and a little bit of the single-player campaign, and I don’t think I’m too bad :slight_smile: (I’m a pretty experienced gamer, especially in FPSs)

I’m going to finish that 100-decapitation achievement tonight, by golly.

I’m also looking for zombie killing partners. I’m in the SDMB group, feel free to message me when you’re on.

I think they started playing nightly. Send Senor Beef a message on Steam. He’s usually the one inviting everybody.

We’ve been playing almost nightly since release - things died down for a while there because everyone had massive numbers of new games to try during the steam sale, but it looks like we’re back up to daily games again.