Left 4 Dead 2 SDMB Game on Xbox

Hey. **MacTech **is new to the 360, so let’s get some folks out that have the game that (almost) know what they’re doing.

What times and dates are good for you guys? For me, it’s got to happen before next Tuesday, otherwise, you’ll never get me on in a game.


I dont know what I’m doing…but I got L4D2 on the Xbox
my member is gold again and on a break from work, Im on Holland time

I’m willthekitten on xbox live

I’m MacTechG4 on XBL
Generally I’m home from work no later than 6 PM M-Sat, Sundays are usually free, I’m in the Eastern U.S. timezone

Tomorrow is open, as it’s Labor Day here, but usually any time after 6 PM would work for me

I don’t have a headset though, so planning strategy in the game could be difficult, perhaps I should get one soon

Fail. If you’re playing online, you should get a headset or a microphone or something.

will: We can try this out Monday night at 7 or 8 Eastern US time. What is that in Holland?

that would make it…euhm…six hour time diffrence…so one or two in the morning for me…but for monday I’m game

btw if anyone wants a 48hour xbox gold code, I still got a few lying around…

and headsets are a big plus

I plan to pick up a headset at some point, I was simply stating that as of NOW I don’t have one…

the good news is: the in game banter between the survivors is more entertaining then most pug’s

If anyone’s up for a game tonight, I’ll give it a try, gotta mow the lawn first, and that takes a couple hours (we have a huge lawn), then I have to stop off at the game store to get a headset

Meh. Entertaining banter is worthless if you’re getting zombies clawing open your scrotum.

okay I’m online

willthekitten on xbox live

I will be on in about a half hour. Probably sooner, as I’m making some foods.

Sorry, no mic for me yet, traffic going to Portsmouth was at a standstill, I’m still up for a game though



it 02:22 for me…bedtime

night night dope

I’ll try to pick up a headset after work tomorrow, and try for a game then, around 7:30-8:00 PM Eastern time sound good?


I’m rusty, but I’ll give it a go. I can’t get on until pretty late, though; it’ll probably be around 9:30 or 10 CST. GT: Maxwell Torque

Okay, got a headset, are we on tonight?