Anyone use MyCheckFree?

Here I am, killing a coupla trees paying my bills. One utility stuffed the envelope with at least an aspen (maybe an alder) full of promos about paying online. Hey, that sounds good!

The utility website takes me to MyCheckFree, a free bill paying service. Cool! I can also pay gas and phone through this service! Total three less bills I have to manually pay.

Well, even though it SAYS you can pay Qwest through them, you can’t. At least here in Minnesota.

It still makes sense to put electricity and gas on this service- makes things easier and kills a few less trees.

Does anyone use MyCheckFree? Does it work well for you? Have you encountered any problems with them or your creditors?

(BTW, how sad is it that I am posting this thread before actually enrolling- I depend on your knowledge and experience!!)

I use them to pay ComEd here in Chicago. I’ve never had a problem and the payments post pretty quick.

I use them to pay American Electric here in Columbus, it works just fine. Of course, there is a giant check free office here, so maybe that helps.

I don’t use that service, but I do pay some bills online. Fifth Third bank allows 20 free online payments per month, which is more than enough for me as most of my other regular bills are automatically debitted from my account, mortgage, utilities (electric/gas/phone/cell phone/cable tv/internet/newspaper/car and life insurance). I think it works out great!

I use commerce bank to do my bill payments. They offer unlimited payments for free. I enjoy not having to use stamps. They make you send at least 10 cents when you pay a bill which worked out great for a charge from CitBank for six cents they sent me. Now they have to mail me a check for four cents

I use 'em for my Portland General Electric bill.

My other bills either have their own online pay, or they don’t.

MyCheckFree is very reliable.

And, yes, they say they have Qwest…but they don’t (Oregon).

Interstingly, though, I have Qwest paid automatically with my airline mileage credit card, which is cool.

I use this service, I love it.

I have been using them for about 6 or 7 years, never a problem (excellent support too). My bills get sent directly to them, I rarely have to check my mailbox at home, it’s especially nice if you travel. They set up many of the bills to be EFTs, so they waste as little paper as possible.

Here’s how it works. I get an e-mail from them saying I have a new bill. I log on to their website, eyeball the bill, click-click schedule the payment. They also have all kinds of options you can set up, like my rent payment, it automatically gets sent every month, unless I tell them to stop.

Nice service.