Anyone use the search engine Dogpile?

I have always used Dogpile. I like it because it isn’t Google. And it has served me well. But the last few days, it is there, but searches give no results. Anyone know what happened to Dogpile? I Googled Dogpile, but there was no recent news as to what is going on.

I used to use dogpile a lot, then Goggle came along and took over. Frankly, I’d forgotten that dogpile ever existed and I’m kind of surprised that it’s still around, if it is.

I use it. I use Google, too. Sometimes they give different results, which I sometimes find useful.

Isn’t Dogpile’s schtick that they feed your query to a bunch of other search engines at once? In this day and age, that would mean that using Dogpile is using Google.

No kidding…I haven’t heard anything about Dogpile since 1999 or so.

Dogpile’s still online?

How’s AltaVista feeling lately? Anyone talked to Lycos recently?

I just did a test and can confirm the OP: Dogpile returned nada for me.

I just tested it. It seems to be working now. (I am also a bit surprised it still exists.)

The mobile site works fine.

And they have a helpful advertisement on the home page to find Mardi Gras parties near me!
I wonder if it includes access to a time machine.

But yeah…the search function worked for me.

Says it is feeding your searches from Yahoo and Google.
Altavista got bought by Yahoo and then dismantled. Lycos I forgot about. Spray had a search engine that’s dead. Astalavista which was an underground search engine got wrecked by hackers.

Strange. I did a second test yesterday after njtt’s post and nada.

Did a test this morning. Again nada. While I was checking to see if I had any blocked content on the page that might be messing it up (there wasn’t any), the page suddenly filled with results.

I repeated it. Did a search. Nada. Waited. Still nada. Went into the block content list. Suddenly results.

Opera 12.


Still nothing here. I put in the search word(s). About 20 seconds later, I get a “no results found” message. And the search word was very common. Seems if they were having a problem, there would be a message. I suspect they are dying or dead.

Firefox on WinXP and Win7Home, working perfectly for me.

Still working fine for me (Firefox).

Let’s try to narrow this down a bit.

I used this search for “straight dope” and very quickly got pages of results. Can the people who are having problems with it try that exact link, and report back?
One thing I notice is that it seems to bring up the web page, and then fill in the search results in the middle. Maybe some people have an ad block or something similar that’s being over aggressive.
I’m on Windows 7, using Chrome.

If Dogpile isn’t working for you, you can also try It’s the same service – combining Google and Yahoo results – by the space parent company, InfoSpace, with a different look and feel but the same results. And Yahoo is just Bing with a different name; they get their search results straight from Microsoft.

In other words, might as well just give up on Dogpile and use Google directly.

You might’ve liked the old Dogpile metacrawler, but now it’s just Google + Bing. You can try a blind comparison for yourself at and if you find that Bing doesn’t win often, why even bother with Dogpile?

I can assure you that for myself speaking, I like Dogpile and I like that in my setup it’s a very clean simple page that loads and until now it had always found the page with the relevant information I was looking for, but this morning I got the Dogpile page but I don’t get any results for my searches, I hope they can fix it…

It works for me, but a quick routine search (I come up on the first page) says quite clearly the search results are from Google and Yahoo.

So I’m not quite sure what the use/fulness is.

Typo. It’s the SAME company. = = Google + Bing.