Is "Google" Dead?

I haven’t been able to access my favorite search engine, google, for a week or two. Is it one of the many dot.coms that have expired in the past month?

Alta vista and dogpile don’t really do it for me. If google is defunct, anyone know of a similar search engine?

Heck no. I have Google set as my home page, and it comes up fine for me. Just used it a little while ago.

I love Google. About a year ago I sent them a little note about how I like the little holiday decorations. They responded by sending me a T-shirt! Great PR.

google is not dead. Maybe it’s your dns, try connecting with the ip address:

I use it all the time and haven’t had any problems this week, at work or at home. It’s probably a problem with your internet service provider - you might want to give them a call.

Thanks for the link, Friday, that seemed to do the trick!

[Do you change your user name every day, like days-of-the-week undies?]

Heh. I supply the facts, just the facts, ma’am. [obscure reference]

But I do have on clean underwear today.


Have you ever given Dogpile a shot? It’s one of them there metacrawlers that searchs an oogle of search engines for ya…

Oh, and Google’s fine here, too. :cool:

FWIW, google also powers Yahoo!'s search engine (taking AltaVista’s place). Not the sites they have actually reviewed and satisfy your search, mind you, but the search engine that kicks in when they don’t have any pre-indexed sites that meet your search terms. Or something like that.

The day Google dies will be a sad one indeed. Wouldn’t bet on it in the near future.

Works fine for me, Eve (as usual).