Is Google down, or am I a moron?

Um, anyone else having difficulties? I just wanted to do a quick search for a home project (which I’m trying to get done on my day off) and I can’t even do that. . .


::scratches his head:: Operator error?

Works fine for me.

no problems here.

Worked fine for me too.

But, sometimes Google doesn’t load for me the first time. I type in my brower and a white screen comes up and says “done” at the bottom. If I hit “Go” on my web brower it then really loads up. Google is the only site that has every done that to me.

Try this: google. Works for me, too.

Nothing says the two options are mutually exclusive. :wink:

Google solves all my problems.

Weird, Musicat, same thing. . .



? :confused: ?

Looks like you are going to have to Yahoo. :slight_smile:

Are you outside of the US? Google usually has different pages for different countries/regions, so yours may be having a problem.

I saw your coordinates in your location, but I am too lazy to dig up my GPS :slight_smile:

Aw man, now Hotmail is doing the same thing. . .

This sucks.

And Joey, for all intents and purposes, I’m in the most remote part of the US you can be in: North Dakota.

Oh, and try this UTM converter.

Tripler, are you behind a firewall?

If yes, that may be the issue. If no, then you probably have a DNS issue, or routing issue.

Go to a command prompt, type in “ping”.

If the ping utility returns an actual IP address, you will know that your DNS is working. Then ping See if you get an address back, and any responses to your pings. If you get an address, and no responses, type in tracert This will show you all the routers in between you and them. It will be painfully apparent where the problem lies…


Oicu812, I ‘pinged’ the Microsoft server, no luck. I pinged a handful of other sites, and they worked alright, but nothing from MS or Google.


Is it my DNS server?

Try a tracert, too. This will tell you what the first non-responsive node is.

You can also go to a web site that will ping and tracert from themselves, like If that site can reach your problem sites, you know the problem is in your path.

Finally, if you can get to zdnet, they have an article about resolving web bottlenecks.

Do you use Verizon? :smiley:

Google is functioning within its normal parameters for me.