Is Yahoo! Down?

I can’t seem to get in. Then I got in once and couldn’t get to my mail. Now I can’t get in at all again. Is it a problem on their end or mine??

Thanks in advance.

It’s acting odd. It came up fine for me, but the mail took a second try.

Course, the SDMB is acting like it’s on a 300 baud modem again.

It wasn’t just slow for me, I was getting “Can’t Locate Server” errors.

Thankfully after an hour and a half I am back in.

(An hour and a half with out recreational e-mail, I don’t know how I survived!)

I’ve been using Yahoo all day, so I was going to post that it’s fine. Then I tried the POP3 email and couldn’t get in - Server Not Responding. Tried 3 times 10 minutes apart.

But I had been out of touch for 3 days on my old email (earthlink), so I’m not worried yet.