Anyone used f.lux for monitor lighting? Or similar?

" it makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. "
Wondering if it really does change the light output at all, if the download will also get me killer virii, and if it’s easier on the eyes and brain?

I’ve been using F.lux for something over a year, I believe. It really does work, and I feel that it is an improvement. It’s pretty simple, you just set a schedule and then set the color temperature for day and night times. So you might have a bluer, higher Kelvin, whitepoint during the day, such as 7300. And then a lower Kelvin point like 5700 at night.

You can play with the sliders to get the effect you want visually. Also, you can temporarily disable it for doing graphics work, and you can set the transition to be either gradual or abrupt. If you are used to a high K whitepoint, when you start adjusting the sliders, the nighttime whitepoint will look very yellowish and ‘off’. But when you see it at night when other lights are dim, it should look natural to you. Again, you can tweak the exact color temperatures you want to use.

Now, based on your question, I think you are expecting it to change the brightness of the display as well. It doesn’t do that, just change the color temperature. Still, it makes a big difference. If I’m working at night and I disable F.Lux, the monitors suddenly seem very bright and blue. But the brightness change is a perceptual thing and not because the monitor has actually gotten dimmer.

I think it’s a nice little program and I would recommend it if you use your computer at night or in a dim environment. I didn’t get any virusus downloading it, but always use your anti-virus software!

I use it too. It works as advertised, doesn’t come with a browser add-on bar like other “free” software, and isn’t CPU intensive, either when running or at bootup. (WinXP on Lenovo T61)

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

I phrased my question badly, I don’t so much want less light as I do less harshness, if that makes sense. Sounds like this is worth a try, at any rate!

In that case, I’d say it should fit the bill nicely. Best of luck!

The only problem is that if you’re running on battery, I find my battery drains almost twice as fast. I love it, otherwise.

Can anyone comment on the science behind this program? In terms of either helping you sleep better or helping you go sleep “on time.” There’s a slew of sites on their website ( f.lux: sleep research ) but they look rather cherry-picked to me.