Anyone using PCAnyWhere with Vista or Win7?

I first used PcAnywhere in 1998. Loved it. Being able to connect to my pc at work and see the desktop was almost miraculous. Gosh it saved me so much time and I didn’t have to drive in to the office on Saturdays. :slight_smile:

We bought 12.1 in 2007. Works great for XP. Rock solid and never fails.
I’m ready to upgrade again. I’m shocked to find the current version is 12.5. :confused:

Three years later? WTF have they been doing?? No major changes at all? I’m wondering if Symantec has abandoned development on PcAnyWhere? :frowning:

I’m wondering if I need to upgrade? Maybe 12.1 works for Vista?

Anyone used PCAnyWhere on Vista or Win 7?

Yes, I know XP has remote desktop. I never used it. Microsoft has crushed so many third party company’s by ripping off their ideas and giving away the feature in Windows. I prefer supporting third party software if it works well and is maintained. AFAIK PcAnyWhere was the first remote desktop software. They pioneered it back in the modem days.

Hmm, I see they have a 12.1 to 12.5 upgrade for $99. half the price of $199 to buy it.

I wonder how much Vista changes they made? usually Vista software works with Win 7.

PC Anywhere’s forte was operating over low-bandwidth dial-up connections. Now everyone has broadband, you might as well just use Remote Desktop or VNC.

I wonder if VNC works with Win 7? Will homegroups block vnc?

Win 7 has that homegroup security crap. You need that encrypted key to share files or even printers. I haven’t even tried getting homegroups working yet. I did write down that stupid key during the win 7 install. :rolleyes:

I use TeamViewer and RealVNC on Win7 x64. They both work fine, I’ve also used pcAnywhere 12.5 with no issue. The ONLY problem I’ve hit is RealVNC ALWAYS corrupts files if I try to do a transfer.

My first choice would be TeamViewer then RealVNC.

I hadn’t heard about Teamviewer. I’ll check into it. Thanks. :wink:

Glad to confirm 12.5 PCAnywhere works too. I’ve used it so many years and know the interface well. I doubt they changed much since 12.1. Probably fixed where it writes files for Vista is all.

I use a free version of a program/site called LogMeIn to perform tech support for a relative in another state.

I use PCA 12.5 occasionally on Win 7 Enterprise also works fine.

Me too, it works great.