Anyone want to team up? (Diablo II: US East)

I finally found my old Diablo II discs and have been having a great time playing again. I’ve recreated my old Zealadin (seems my old account was wiped, sadly) and am now level 19 in Act II. I plan to complete Normal solo then team up.

I know there are a lot of Dopers who play… does anyone want to create a team with an item pool? I’m guessing we should stay within roughly 5 levels of each other so no one gets screwed.

ETA: I can start a new Pally on a different server if necessary.

This might not be the best time, since there’s probably going to be a new patch and ladder reset soon (though then again, that’s been “any time now” for nearly a year, so who knows?). We already have tons of phat loot on USEast, and I’ve got an enchantress that can really help with your leveling, if you’d like (or, for that matter, leveling another character to catch up with you).

What are good times for you to be on, and what’s your account name? Mine’s sonorhC.

Awesome! My account name is Strayveange. I usually log on around 6-7pm EST. If the ladder resets I will start over.

Are you playing tonight? I haven’t played for awhile, all the characters I have on the current ladder are expired. But I’ve been in the mood since the thread a couple weeks ago about the new patch…

I’ll go ahead and start a character for the hell of it, a necromancer. If you are going to be online let me know…
Oh C, do we have mule accounts on this ladder? What are the account names? Normal pass?

Hey! Dug up my old discs and installed. My account name is “appleciders”. I’ll see you all online!