Diablo 2 Account Names - 2nd Season - Ladder

Ok, guys…this is a new season, and the old season characters will have been sent to the old happy hunting grounds of realm play only to be forgotten amongst the dupers, shmucks and other ilk of Bnet.

Therefore, our plan is to rocket up the new season ladder boards with our group of dedicated dopers who are committed to help each other to obtain our lofty goals with a well thought-out array of runs, equipment sharing, skill allocation ideas, etc, etc…We are the Brotherhood of Dopers! - (Union Local 1)…Og Rules!

The account names posted here are expressly for the standard ladder (not hardcore ladder), and on the USWest server since we will have better luck in obtaining anni charms there through the prowess of theckhd’s methods of finding D" games…

So, state your account name below (listing your character names are optional) that will be on USWest Ladder (non-hardcore)…it may be an existing account name or a new one, but for the record, just confirm which account name you will be using for your new characters, on this thread so we can construct new friend lists.

The old Diablo 2 Account Name Thread should be left alone so there will be no confusion as to which account name you will be using for the new season.
To keep track of the coming and going of your brotherhood of Dopers…

/f a <account name> …will add the account name to your friends list

/f l …will tell you who’s on and who isn’t on you friends list

*/w <account name><message> …will send a message to the fellow doper no matter which game he’s in…

See you on the D2, my Brother Dopers!

Not sure what account name I’m using yet…

Also, you can find our games by joining (where the top of the list is the most common of the list):


All passwords for any of these games will be cecil.

Also, after you construct your friends list, you can find out what games we are on by using the /f l command, which is probably much easier to do.

Can we not have ladder and non-ladder characters under the same account name? I had been planning on deleting my mules in my current accounts and using those slots for the new ladder.

Sure you can, Punoqllads…just restate your account name here, but leave any more questions back on our Diablo 2 thread…I want this thread to have account names only for easy reference, but remain uncluttered of other Diablo 2 discussion. Bookmark this thread too.

I strongly suspect, since my only current (or ever, AFAIK) USWest account is iampunha, that it will be my ladder account.

I would less strongly suggest that the password for a game wherein worthwhile gear may be occasionally found on the ground should not be recorded where Any Old Yokel can find it; those who show themselves here and prove that they are not infidels from a rival clan (note to self: must find out if we HAVE a rival clan) bent on taking out runes and anni charms and leaving us to shiver, naked in the bushes.

Again, to recap

iampunha shall be the name of my account, and the name of my account shall be iampunha. Not punha or iamladder shalt thou type, but the name of my account that shall be typed is iampunha.

I have created a new account for purposes of playing on the reset ladder. My new account name is TemporeMores .

I will create characters within my two current accounts, Punoqllads and dnPunoq


new addition:

this will be the account that i’ll be starting ladder characters on

old accounts:

these two will get ladder characters later, once theckhd gets full.

Since the ladder is resetting, I’ve decided to dig out ye olde D2X and start playing again. My account name is jmizzou (surprise, surprise) on both USEast and USWest.

I’m working my way through the other Diablo thread; I’ll start contributing when I’m finished. In the meantime, feel free to shoot me an e-mail to the address in my profile.

New ladder2 account. I wanna know the new runewords! :wink:


Ok, guys…

My account is yeticusrex3 with my javazon hybrid YetiGrrrl

My son’s (Ian) account is n00binat0r - those are zeros ‘0’, not the letter ‘O’ in his account name…what didja expect from a 16 y.o.? His summoning necro is DrxPhibes or (can’t remember) MrxPhibes…he says it from the group The Misfits…what didja expect from a 16 y.o.?

He’s probably playing now since I’m at work…I’ll be on night and some weekends.

I’ll be on “MDSL” for the forseeable future.

Presently, my necro is on the account numbnut1. I’ll will be using numbnut2 and numbnut3 also. If you want to get ahead of the game, you probably can guess what my next account will be.

I forgot to do this earlier, Larz’s account for the new ladder is LarzX

My accounts the same, RyleG. All my mules are RyleG1 RyleG2 etc.

what jmizzou said.

Since the ladder is resetting, I’ve decided to dig out ye olde D2X and start playing again. My account name is **shijinn ** (surprise, surprise) on USWest.

I’m working my way through the game at a leisurely pace. In the meantime, i’ve already found a pair of Frostburn on Normal, so these must be like real common now…

User name: JeditOjanen

I guess I missed this thread. My account is still BluMunk, and right now I’m building an assassin called Ouchorz.

I play as SriAravan right now

If i can;t find a game i usually start one named SDMB Newb and a pass of cecil