Diablo II Ladder reset coming - Who's in for the next one?

According to the battle.net website, the Diablo II ladders are being reset this Monday, June 25.

Anybody down for a new ladder season of DII? I’ll be playing a hammerdin (lamerdin) on USWest, and I believe Chronos and iampunha are tentatively in.

I’ll be on sd3-team2 whenever ladder gets reset on Monday, as I have the day off.

Who’s ready to kick some monster ass!?

I’ll be there, Playing a summon Necro. I work till 9pm Eastern that day, but I’ll be on after that.

I guess I’ll give a try at a scratcher.

Current ladder characters just move to non-ladder correct?

I’m enjoying LOTR Online too much at the moment, I’ve only played my diablo char enough so it doesn’t get wiped.


Yes, current characters just move to non-ladder. They didn’t even run a rust storm.

You should join us, we have a pretty good team going that can kill everything around us.