Diablo II: Is the new patch out?

Looks like the realms are down for maintenance. Could it really be it?


I’m looking forward to trying out a Throwing Frenzy Barb, a build I’ve never tried. They look pretty viable.

I was going to check that last night, actually…but I can’t find the CD…I think it was in the case with Command and Conquer that I lent him. <groan> Perfect time for it to come out! When I can’t play!

Well, I’ll be damned. It is the patch, it seems. looks out the window to make sure the nuclear missiles aren’t falling like rain

Now it only remains to be seen how long their servers stay down under the storm of downloads sure to follow. Wonder when I’ll actually manage to get my hands on it.

I’m DLing it right now, and Aslan of Narnia and I will be on some today (he’s on now). He’s making a sorc and I’ll be making an assassin. I’ll be on under the account punladder (ideally) and he’ll be on as aslanladder (ideally).

See y’all in sdmb///cecil!

This just in: no account can have the word “ladder” in it. So just either create sdmb///cecil or try to join it or something. I’m sure we’ll run into each other.

Damn it…they were waiting until I couldn’t put my hands on the CD!

Looks like it’s time to dust off my other install of D2X to try out the final version. I hope I won’t have any more problems with keeping my hirelings alive.

Anyone else doing ladder on USWest? I’m thinking I should maybe start ladder play, but I don’t want to solo.

Sorry for the slight hijack, but since you guys seem like the ones to ask…

What is this rust storm that was mentioned in the forum link from the OP?

And I haven’t played D2 since it first came out, and then only the SP. Is MP that good that I should find my D2 disc and install it again? (And I guess install the patch too, what does it fix)?

Rust Storm is the name Blizzard gave to the code they put into the 1.10 patch that deletes dupes and hacked items.

As for what the patch does, you’d be best off reading the info at the Arreat Summit to find out. The changes are pretty extensive.

Anybody else notice the little animated Rust Storm guy on the Arreat Summit? The little guy is cute.

Their new "Hell has frozen over? wallpaper is nice too.

hehe I didn’t see this thread, when I posted my cheesy post.

I don’t really care if I lose my hacked and bugged items or even duped items… Just as long as everyone else with them loses it too lol…

I’m punswva on the USEast ladder. I have an asn whom I’ve pretty much abandoned (only made her because I had guaranteed leech), a barb I’m not going to be playing much until I can get more leech, and a sorc I’ll be using for extensive countess runs.

Seems my hirelings do stay alive a bit better than they did in beta but not as well as 1.09. Guess I’ll finish 1.09 with the characters I had and play 1.10 with new ones unless I start playing multi.