The All-New Diablo II Thread

No content as yet, but best to get t up on the main page ASAP so everyone doesn’t create one. Pick up where it left off, guys.

Yeah, just noticed. I’m not going to post much at this time, but I will ask any Banned or expired guests not to post here, we get a bad enough rap as it is that we don’t need to bring down more heat by being a thread that Banned posters like to post in.

Now, in on-topic matters… where is everyone?? I wanted to mule a really nice +2 amazon ammy last night. I stayed in game for like 10 minutes, dropped the ammy (and a couple of low runes) exited the game, signed back in on the account with the zons on it and got… “Realm Down”. I didn’t lose anything major, but it is irritating.

Diablo 2 - Account Names - 2nd Season - Standard Ladder - US West

Any new Doper-Diablo 2 player invited…post your account name on that thread so we know dopers from posers.

Too bad about the amulet, Who

I got back from Maui late Sunday night (early Monday morning actually) and went on for an hour last night…I need about 63 million to get to lvl 91, so I will probably try to wrap that up tonight. Haven’t killed baal yet with YetiGrrl either.

Oh yeah…Maui…was…just… :slight_smile: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Yeah, N00b got on and said it was great. If he gets on before the game times out that I was in with him, it should be a fairly easy rush. I cleared a lot of the way before I had to leave.

Hey, is a lycander’s bow a good bow to upgrade? Mine has 186% ED, it goes to a max of 200%. There is only one Pul rune left on the rune mule, does anyone mind if I use it?

I’d wait to get a better %, but the odds of one spawning in the next month are pretty slim.

In other news, I’ll be out of commission for anything other than “sit here and get the quest” runs until my FPS rate goes above 3 for more than two seconds. Suggestions are welcome; I’ve already done the standard stuff that didn’t involve re-installing (a fun trick since I don’t have all the D2 cds) or sitting in tech support for two hours.

Could I get some D2 help please?
My nephew is playing D2 w/LoD as a necromancer. I gave him the game since I never play it anymore. Anyhow, he’s gotten up to Duriel as a necromancer and is completely stuck. I tried helping him out by playing for him but died a horrible death as well (about 6 times). I really don’t remember Duriel being that hard except on multi for a necro.

Anyhow, how the heck can I get past the big slug?
He’s at 23rd level, has decent equipment (not much goldy-super rare) and I’ve been counseling him to build up summoning stuff only (since that is all he likes and it is single player). I think he has a few points in bone spells and such. This is normal level.

Thanks a bundle for any advice.

Have him run arcane in players 8 until probably level 24, maybe 26 or 28 if he has the patience for it. Pump skeleton mastery, put one in decrep (no more than one) and get one in each golem. At that point it becomes a quest to chug pots for a minute, recasting the blood golem and decrep or iron maiden.

punha… a question. Is your frame rate the same in single player?

And for the necro question… The most important thing for a summoner is skeleton mastery and a good mercenary. Mastery will give the skellies more life and cause them to do more damage. Summoners will level mercs well, better than any other character IMHO. Tell him to get an Act2 offensive mercenary, he’ll give the skellies Blessed aim and they will hit more often or a Prayer merc (Combat) to heal them (when he’s in nightmare change that out for a might mercenary in Act2). Have him level himself and the mercenary in the Arcane and put every point in skelly mastery. Once he sees the skeletons surviving for long periods he can try Duriel again. And the rest of punha’s advice is good.

Who_me?.. lvl 90 ladder summoning necro. :wink:

Oh, shoot… Make sure he get summon resists too. Not as important in normal as in nightmare and hell, but he should get at least 1 or 2 points in it now.

For our purposes, yes. It got as high as 7 but hovered around 1 or 2 for the most part.

Okay, since Chronos wanted one and I wanted one for my necro… I just traded for 3 Harlequin Crest shakos. That leaves one left. Who wants it?

I would like one for my necro too.

In other news, I found a Seraph’s Hymn tonight. If anyone has a pali who is high level and would benefit from the ammy, let me know.


Hey, thanks! Between that and the Glacial Spike Memory I made last night, I think that Krakafinga’s equipment wish list is now completely maxed out. Well, unless anyone finds one of those mythical +4 fire amulets, of course. Seeker should probably have one of the Harlequins, too, if she doesn’t already: I can’t see anything wrong with 135 life and mana and 50 base MF.

Also, Who, we have a flying knife muled with +3 to warcries, and it occurs to me that your barb should be within 5 dex of being able to use it. None of the other barbs are agile enough, but since you’re using phase blades anyway, it’s yours if you want it.

Chronos broached the idea tonight in-game, and I’m wondering what collective thoughts are, of a lvl 21 soloing 8P baal (just Baal, no minions).

I don’t think anyone but an assassin has a shot (a conc barb? A LA barb? No BO? Me no sink so). However, I’m not sure what sort of assassin would be best. Certainly we don’t make an MAsin; not enough dmg in the claw tree at that point, not to mention the lack of tank weps at lvl 22 for a clawsin. C proposed, and I think it’s a pretty good idea, using a Civerb Cudgel, complete with Bloodfist and Goblintoe and making a char who casts traps and uses shooting stars. I think a manald, cathan ammy and ring (leech, +str, 15-20 fire dmg), and Milabrega helm/shield (+65 life, 15 mana, cold res 40), twitch and Iratha belt is the way to go. There are several other options, though.

Neither could I several weeks ago when we got her one and PTopazed it:)

Yeah, I figured that she probably had one, but I wasn’t sure. You’d think I’d have noticed while playing her for three hours the other day…

As for the 20, check me on this: Players A and B (along with others) are in the game, A on the rusher sorc, and B on a mule. B’s mule leaves game, B brings in Baalkiller. B takes sorc’s portal (saving some running), and A enchants Baalkiller. A leaves the game, and brings back B’s mule, then B goes down. This lets our putative Baalkiller have Enchant, so base damage isn’t as much of a concern any more, and also incidentally lets us portal the killer straight to the Throne (admittedly a secondary concern). Continuing this idea, we could even have the sorc go down the portal and soften Baal up a bit before swapping out: Fireball probably wouldn’t provide enough precision for this, but I think that Inferno or enchanted stabbing should.

At this point, we might be looking at a graverobber, rather than an assassin: He’ll survive well, and each of his skeletons (he could have as many as 8, plus some mages, but I don’t know how many points in mastery would be desireable) will be enchanted, leading to a lot of damage. On the other hand, he won’t have any crushing blow unless he’s swinging it himself, which seems inadvisable. Possibly Goblin Toes and a ranged weapon of some sort?

Alternately, if we look at an assassin, then I think we’re looking at one point each Blade Sentry (prerequisite) and Blade Fury (enchantable and leeching), claws for casting Fade and Shadow Warrior on switch (so we don’t have to buy prerequisites), and all the rest of our points (22 of them) in Fire Blast and Wake of Fire (I don’t know how many in each; Wake of Fire is maxed at 10 WoF/12 FB, but Fireblast is maxed at 2 WoF/20 FB). I note that if she’s enchanted, the assassin should never use Fireblast, since the enchanted blades will be faster and more damaging than the blasts (plus some of the damage will be leechable). I further note that if we have Blade Fury and Wake of Fire selected, the Shadow Warrior won’t be doing much besides casting traps, which would displace our own (shadows never use Blade Fury or Blade Sentry). And I yet further note that Baal apparently ignores Shadows, so the Warrior wouldn’t be much of a tank.

Stupid insomnia. Haven’t slept well lately and looking for distractions this weekend I have temporarily switched from Crusader Kings and firied up Diablo II for the first time in ages.

With the 1.10 patch. I burnt out on the game right about the time the patch came out, so this will be a bold new world :D. Sadly untwinked at that, since it seems ATMA won’t transfer my 1.09 gear to a 1.10 character ( I’m exclusively single-player - interact with other people online? ewwww! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’m trying a freezazon this first time out and seeing how she fairs. The new bulked up Valkyrie is strangely compelling. Wish me luck.

That aside any suggestions for simple single player builds to try that can solo 1.10 Hell? I have a sneaking suspicion that this initial Freezing Arrow Amazon is liable to stumble badly when she gets to hard-hitting Hell cold-immunes, tough Valkyrie or no.

  • Tamerlane

Several points:

Mdsl, the shako is yours when I see you next.

No comment on the lvl 21 killing Baal. I don’t see any advantage to it, you’ll still need a lvl 40 to get past NM Baal, so why not just have the lvl 40 do it?

And welcome to the thread Tamerlane. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a build that can solo Hell single player easily. My necromancer can go about anywhere he wants in hell now, but he’s got fairly good equipment. Fire and cold Sorceresses, would probably be the easiest… but I don’t play single player. I’ll let someone who has done it answer so I don’t lead you wrong.