Diablo 2 expansion tonight, anyone?

Anyone up for a game tonight? I’ll be on open b-net after 9 EDT with my L48 sorceror, nightmare mode, trying to get past the 3 barbarians guarding the path to the worldstone, and frankly I could use a little help. Game will be called SDMB, password cecil. If you join, chim in with who you are so I will know.

Wish I could have been there, though I doubt my level 30 Paladin would have helped much. How did it go?

I actually just bought the expansion set online and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I installed the game for the first time last week and I’m slowly building up a Levl 12 Sorceress.

I just started Act II in Single Player. Its a great game, a definite improvement from the original.


Verrain - I finished the game with a level 29 Paladin. It takes some quick work with scrolls of town portal and such, but it can be done. Attribute plenty of points to Zeal, get yourself a quick-striking magical weapon, and you can beat up just about anyone in the game.

Everyone else - Can Diablo II Expansion be set up so that a party can play private games on a LAN? If so, I have an extra server in my apartment behind my cable modem and would be happy to set up a private game if anyone’s interested…

SkySlash, your sorceress would be a good companion for my sword-barb. He’s my only character that hasn’t been converted for the expansion. IIRC, he’s L25 in Act IV but could help you out in Act II.

Verrain, most of my charcters are close in experience to yours. Let me know if you want to co-adventure sometime.

Thespos, I belive a LAN game is an option under the Other Multiplayer option. I beat Diablo in normal with a L27 Paladin, but it took awhile. Kept getting fried by that Lightning Inferno. Haven’t done much with him in Act V yet while I bring up an assassin and a druid up to the rest of my characters.

THespos: I too won the game with a L28 Paladin on Normal level anyway. I still wouldn’t be much help in Nightmare Act V if my experiences in Nightmare Act II are anything to go by.

Jeff Olsen: Cool. I am free tonight if you wanted to give it a shot. I also have some character in their teen levels for Open B-net and on USEast if any are interested.

Once you get to around L27+, Diablo’s beatable in Normal by almost any character, if you’ve got enough money. I took him with L27 Barb, on which I’d put too many points into the low skills. I’m paying for that mistake now, in Nightmare mode. Mrs. Tranq has taken him with a L26 Amazon, but she’s the Mistress of ‘hit-and-run’ combat.

It’s a pitty you are playing on Open B.Net. I have a Level 77 Sorc that can really clean up, but she is on USEast.

It didn’t. She just wasn’t ready, and not only do you lose experience when you die, the game takes almost 200K gold out of your stash. ( dunno if this happens if you have a few GP on your character or not ) I cleared out the ice celler a couple of times, and FINALLY found a nice set of ancient armor that added almost 300 points to my defense rating, so I’ll give it another go. I have lots of full rejuv. pots, so if I can avoid dying in one hit, I may be OK. Barb minion is no help, He dies almost immediately.

LOTS of running in circles, and one guy wasn’t affected by my frozen orb at all, and since I have an ice mage this is a problem, orb is my primary offensive weapon. He was imune to fire, too, and I have a few points in Hydra for cold immune monsters. What finally got him was static field and thunderstorm, I just ran around and let the lightning bolts eventually do him in, hitting him time to time with my (weak) chain lightning or nova. reward is *20!![/] skill points and 4 spell points, tho, Yowza!

Sorry, haven’t been feeling well lately, so I’m staying out of BNet for a while. Don’t think it would be fair of me to quit a multiplayer game in order to go lie down.

After whomping on Duriel and Mephisto real good with a SL4 werebear and SL2 maul, I can’t wait to see what he’ll do against Diablo. My computer froze after using the portal generated by Tyrael so I had to go maul Duriel a second time!

THespos-Yes, LAN games are possible for the expansion (and the original D2 as well, if anyone’s interested). A friend of mine runs a game store here in town with 10 PCs on a LAN, and apart from some latency issues, it runs fine. It’s a TCP/IP connection, under multiplayer.

Does anyone know for sure if the new rune words work in a non-Bnet game? I’ve got a nice socketed piece of ancient armor that I want to turn into Lionheart when I get the right runes, but I’ve been told that these don’t work on the single player/LAN games yet.

I’ve got a lvl 52 zon on the Hardcore Realm and a lvl 42 pally on softy. My lvl 45 HC barb got lag deathed to death a couple weeks ago and I decided I’d wait 'til I got my new comp together before having another go at it.

I generally only play HC, does anyone else?

I wish I could play hardcore, but both my computer and my connection suck too hard. Half the time I try to fight a boss I lag out and get shivved before I can do a damned thing.

Yeah, we used to play a multiplayer variant where we’d all play our own games with hardcore characters until we got to 9th level, then we’d have a “judge” setup a multiplayer session. We’d all join, and then try to beat the crap out of each other. Loads of fun, and you’ve never seen the carnage that can develop around a well.

As of v1.09, only the one rune word given as the reward to Q2A5 (Ancient’s Pledge - RalOrtTal)is enabled in single player.

I was looking through some v1.09 info at the same site where I found my previous info. Seems things are a bit confused at diabloii.net (note: comments from diabloii.net are bolded):

[li]Added rune words for Single Player/Other Multi Player which previously only showed up on Realm games.[/li]As expected, and good news for SP players who have had only Ancient’s Plege to play with thus far.
[li]Fixed a bug that caused a rune word item to lose its rune word bonuses when transferred off of the character who created it.[/li]This was mostly a display bug, but could be very annoying.
[li]Fixed a bug which caused the variable attributes of a rune word item to reset inappropriately.[/li]We got reports of some items losing their inherent bonuses (such as +skills on Scepters, Wands, Druid/Barb helms, etc) sometimes resetting, but usually not, so this should fix that.
[li]Added base item type to highlight info for rune word items.[/li]**This should come in handy, since the display now just shows the Runeword and Runes required, and you have to figure the item type by the picture and the requirements to equip it. **

I’m up for a USWest game anytime.

My mace-barb and assassin didn’t have much of a problem but my paly and druid sure did. I think I’ll need help to get my other characters to Act V.

Also, I my druid has a rare circlet for trade. Among the mods are +1 to all barb skills.