Anyone watch Freeks and Geeks ?

I know it’s got a Saturday night time-slot-of-death but I have to say that this is the best new show I’ve seen in YEARS!

The characters are right-on; I don’t think there’s one character on that show that doesn’t remind me of someone I knew in school.

Watching Freeks and Geeks makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside after the show is over, and really I think that’s what a good TV show
should do! :slight_smile:

Saw the summertime ads, was looking forward to watching it, then heard its on saturday night. Have never seen an episode. Network execs are idiots.

Maybe they assume all the freaks and geeks will be home on Sat. night.

I’ve seen all of them except one or two episodes. Usually be doing other stuff besides watching it and I can’t say that it’s all warm and fuzzy though. Even when the daughter decided dressing up after egging her brother. “Get Real” is a lot funnier and more interesting.