Anyone watch that Playmate "reality" show on Fox last Friday?

I looked for a thread on this show and couldn’t find one. Friday there was a 2 hour “real world” type show where these chicks competed to be chosen to pose for the centerfold of the July playboy. A few of the chicks chickened out before they even had to pose in swimsuits. I must say though that I wanted to tear the heads of most of those bitches. They were EXACTLY how you would expect a Playmate to act. All ate-up and prissy. The 2 that I couldn’t stand the most was the “single-mom” Jill and the “sassy black chick” Christina. I was so disappointed to see Christina make it to the final round but I guess it was to be expected since she was the only black chick on the show. If she would have gotten booted early on it wouldn’t have been PC.

Anyway, the chick who won was pretty damn hot. What did you guys think?

OK, I have to say that my favorite moment of the show was when one of the girls (can’t remember the name, but it was a girl with longish curly black hair) was complaining that only the girls with blond hair and big tits were getting picked to go on to the final elimination round.

I just laughed. Honey, you’re in a Playmate of the month selection contest where they parade you around in bikinis, lingerie, and your birthday suit for a week, and you’re pissed off because their selection criteria is shallow? Like, huh?

However, since the entire thing was incredibly shallow, I have no compunctions about shallowly pointing out that I thought the girl who finally won was one of the most ordinary-looking out of the entire bunch. I thought some of the other girls were definitely more striking.

Yeah, I must say that I was suprised that a big chested blond won the centerfold…

I did find it amusing that Hef shuffled around like Ozzy Osbourne whenever he appeared on camera. What’s the age difference there? Ozzy +/- 52, Hef +/- 70?

You want shallow? I got shallow for ya. Me an a couple of buddies watched it (up until the Lakers came on) with the sound turned down & Space Girl blasting in the background. Even then, it was still obvious how bitchy these girls were coming off.

I do wish Shallan had won. I’m a sucker for that Nicole Kidman look.

BTW, I noticed this was from Bunim-Murray, famous for creating “The Real World”. It felt like it too, especially the phone scenes.

Hef turned 76 last April, is a stroke survivor, and in the last 3 years has acquired a coterie of what now are seven live-in girlfriends between the ages of 20 and 29 (all buxom blondes. the guy is getting boring in his old age). I’m amazed he is alive.