Anyone watching Severance (new show on Apple TV)?

It premiered a couple weeks ago, and I highly recommend it. It’s a mystery thriller with a bit of dark office humor. High level view, it’s about people who have their minds “severed” so when they’re at work they have no memory of their outside life and vice-versa. Think Black Mirror meets The Prisoner meets Better off Ted.

Edit: Also, for those of you who were fans of Counterpart, it has a very similar feel to it.

I’ve watched the first episode so far and like the potential. I need to find the time to watch the next couple of episodes.

The first episode is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Some asshole of a show runner thought that was the way to draw in viewers? I was angry I wasted my time watching something that made anything else seem more entertaining.

Philip K. Dick did this in 1952.

It sucked me right in. It may have helped that I was totally ignorant of the premise. If I’d read the brief description in the OP first, it would have really spoiled that first episode for me. I’m three episodes in and still digging it.

I love the set design so far. I can’t wait to see more.

I think I also find it fascinating because I’m blessed with a resume devoid of office work. A little part of me actually believes this is what work life is like in those corporate environment jobs.

Doesn’t Apple TV have a policy “no bad guys can use Apple products?” Whatever the meaning of the “scary numbers” refinement, it bodes unwell with the clunky old monitors they’re using.

The only stretchy suspension of disbelief is the anti-cypher scanners in the elevators. How do they explain to the outies that they can’t have tattoos or any labels on their clothes?

Oh, it is filmed at Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ. The old Bell Labs of fame. My wife use to work there long ago and many of my friends. So that part was kind of cool for me.

Vaguely related to the plot of “Snow Crash” as well.

Well, Mark believes he is doing some confidential work which is why severance is needed, so I don’t think its that hard to explain.

There’s a scene in the first episode where an “innie” is watching the video made by her “outie” which is kind of reminiscent of the scene in Total Recall where Arnold watches a video of the real (asshole) him explaining how he’s manipulated himself into a shitty situation on purpose.

It’s also suggested that the people volunteering for this are damaged people with a very low sense of self worth. They know they are condemning a version of themselves to a life of joyless toil. There are activists who have clearly spelled that out for them. The volunteers are all some kind of weird hybrid of self-loathing sociopath.

I’ve seen episode 1 but not yet episode 2.

What exactly happened in the scene where Helly tries to leave? From her point of view, she repeatedly walks through the door only to find herself back where she started.

Mark explains it. From the Innies’ perspective, no time passes from when they leaving the building to when the Outie comes back. So she left and then her Outie walked back in.

Sorry, still not seeing it. Why didn’t her Outie just go home when she went through the door? The Innie and Outie are really one person (right?), they just have no memory of each other.

Well, remember that the Outie has no memory of the Outie wanting to leave. That being said, keep watching.

If the outie goes home, she doesn’t get paid. And even if she intends to go home, she probably walks through that door attempting to do so.

This show has the same problem that seems pretty common for Apple shows—the episodes drag. They could be trimmed to the typical 42-44 minutes each and loose nothing.

Confirmed: Outies are assholes. In her position, I would have gotten revenge on “myself” the same way innie Helly did.