Anyway To Make Tables or Use Colums With This Board

Was wondering, I wanted to post something and it would look best spaced out.

I tried some test posts but it never aligns properly. I was wondering if there is anyway in this version of Vbulletin if you can use columns or a table?

I tried using the code tag thinking it’d hold the formatting but even that didn’t work


If you use the coding, write it on notepad first (in courier).

Column 1    Column B  Column III          Column Way Over Here
Abed        Community Aspergers           About 6'2"
Monica      Friends   OCD                 5'7"
Carla       Cheers    Angry               4'10"

Spreadsheets work, too.

17157	aardsda01			2003	1	6	2003	6	29	SFG
17173	adamsmi03						2001	5	15	MIL
17232	adamsru01			2002	1	6	2002	6	7	TOR
17195	aguilch01			1997	3	6	1997	6	18	FLA

IIRC, it’s not included in the BBCode in the standard vBulletin package.

[noparse]ETA: That’s to say, the [table] tag. You can use the

 tag to the same effect, but it'll require a bit of manual labor.[/noparse]