Posting a nicely formatted table

How do I code to post a nice table on the boards? I want to respond to a comment with a four column, seven row table containing labels and numbers but I can’t figure it out. Thanks.

I don’t think there’s a table tag in the basic Vbulletin software. People usually do an inelegant workaround with the [ code ] tag which holds the spacing for whats in it e.g. :

Heading 1           Heading 2               Heading 3
  Entry1              Entry2                   Entry3
  Entry4              Entry5                   Entry6

It doesn’t look this this version of vBulletin supports the [table] tag type, you maybe you’ll have to fake it: switch to [noparse]

[/noparse] and paste in a "table" built with spaces, dashes, and vertical bar characters:

| like | this | completely old sk00l | table |
| which | I | just manually | formatted |

Of course, this cannot be called "a nice table" by any stretch of imagination. :mad: It was a working technique in the last decade of the previous millennium, back in the dial-up BBS era, but even then it couldn't be called "nice."

ETA: Like **CarnalK** said. "Inelegant" is elegantly put.

Thanks CarnalK and gnoital. The solution may not be pretty but at least it’s within my range of abilities.

I use periods colored white. Not perfect but it works.