AOL is an agent of the devil. . . or why do I get booted?

I’ve heard many people complain about getting booted off of AOL. I have a particular problem though. AOL boots me when I try to upload gif files or mp3 files. This makes uploading my web page extremely difficult.

Why does AOL do this? What can I do to stop this? Who is that guy who bids me farewell everytime I try to upload my headling? I’d like to strangle him.

I don’t know for sure why they do, but I would sooner eat an Agent Orange sandwich before going to AOL for amy of my online needs.

Surely there is a web provider near you that offers web page space, for about the same cost, and without all of the hassles?

Roadrunner is coming! This is what my cable provider keeps telling me. I’m on the waiting (and waiting and waiting) list. The day that I am delivered from the evil dial-up cluches of AOL is the day I do the happy naked dance of joy in the Grand Army Plaza water fountain.

Where and what is the Grand Army Plaza water fountain?

The water fountain at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn is the place that will be cordoned off by the police if I ever get my cable connection.

So. . . who is that “Welcome”, “You’ve got mail” and “Goodbye” guy?

While you are waiting for Roadrunner, switch to a local $15 a month dial-up ISP. ANYTHING is beeter than AOL.