Apocalypse Now Redux

Here in NYC, on 777-film the announcer says “Apocalypse Now Redo”

Watched this movie on a HUGE screen in the Times Square Area. It has such a great opening: the jungle exploding right when Jim Morrison sings “This is the end…” it gave me goose bumps! There is so much to like about this movie but sometimes it does drag. Some of it has made its way into the American popular culture…The smell of naplam in the morning…the horror, the horror…Charlie doesn’t surf…I’m still in Saigon…the whoop whoop whoop of helicopters…

The picture and sound quality of the restoration is great. If you haven’t seen the movie, take this opportunity to see it in a theater. It’s one of those movies that even if you don’t like it, you’ll be glad you saw it.

I am anxiously awaiting its arrival in Dallas. Apocalypse Now has long been one of my favourite movies. I can’t wait to see the mythical 'French Plantation scene.