Apologies to Jeffrey

I just want to publicly apologize for the fact that I always seem to be picking on you.

You’re the only outspokenly Southern Baptist person I know, so I often address questions to you; but I also use you as a scapegoat for things the SBC does which offend and/or madden me, and that is wrong of me.

You’re a much nicer and reasonable person than I appear to give you credit for, and I don’t mean to put you through the wringer.

“Come on, Phonics Monkey–drum!”

No wonder its 60 degrees here today. Phil was nice. Are you okay,pl?It was the Leonids,wasn’t it? The space dust fell on Clifton Rd… :wink:

Well, there was a frost here in Raleigh last night, and it’s where Satan lives, so you could say that it froze over! :wink:

Coming from SC, I knew several Southern Baptists. I have a good SB friend, who is always open to discussion. He usually reiterates points he’s made in the past, and mouths popular conservative slogans, but at least he’ll discuss things and he keeps his mind open. That is, he hears my arguments and actually considers them. He’s a good guy.

I just felt like saying that.

This is scary! :wink:

I can’t speak for Jeffery, but I, too, have engaged you in debates, Phil, religious and otherwise. For my part, at least, it’s enjoyable. While I hold my beliefs dear, I like to think it’s because of a reasoned (as much as possible where faith is required) response to study, observation and life experience. I, for one, enjoy discussing the how’s and why’s of my belief system.

Oh, the debates get tiresome sometimes when it seems that the same point must be made 100 times and semantics become more of an issue than the debate at hand, but that’s part of the process here.

I also enjoy the chiding that inevitably occurs during these debates, so long as it does not cross the line to ad hominiem attacks. In the SBC debate I accused you of holding a “myopic viewpoit”. I hope you realize that I don’t believe that of you, it was hyperbole (yep, I accused you of that, too. Doesn’t prevent me from doing the same, does it?). :slight_smile:

I have a pretty thick skin, and I get the impression that Jeffery does, too. Debating my beliefs (ALL beliefs) helps me to refine them, and understand better why I hold those beliefs. I doubt you’ll ever cause me to discard any of them, but please don’t stop trying.

This was a really long post to say that offering a pulbic apology to Jeffery was a very thoughtful gesture on your part. Nice job, Phil.