Apology to sailor

I just wanted to apologize to sailor for some underhanded comments I made to him over in GQ. He had some valid points he was trying to make, and being the jerk that I can be sometimes, I jumped down his throat. There was no excuse for it and I wanted to make sure that he knows that I fully welcome his comments in any thread I am involved in and that I am truly sorry that I made the statements that I did.

You are forgiven, jayron. Though I should point out that I prefer the word “Sailor” to be capitalized.

You may now continue groveling…

No Chief, I was apologizing to “sailor”. I still think you’re a complete knee-biter.


And I think you are an ass-munch.

Ha ha, sailor with lower “s” checking in.

jayron 32, the matter is already water under the bridge and not worth a thread. Now I feel embarrassed so let’s just forget it.

But, to try to put this thread to something more general, I would say some things about trying to be civil to each other.

At first I read some threads in the pit and never understood why people would enjoy bashing each other. Especially since a few would come back with bloody faces and bruised egos, vowing to leave the board etc. The whole exercise seems to me a bit like kids who start playing rough laughing and invariably end up crying. So I never went back to the pit, just because that is not the type of interaction I am looking for, but, to each his own.

Regarding the rest of the boards I sometimes see some pretty offensive things which I think are uncalled for but, since they are not directed at me, I try not to usurp the moderator’s job by telling people I think they should be more civil.

IMHO, comments like “I would rather be fried in canola oil than sit next to you” are just gratuitous insults that add nothing but disgust. If you were so offended by what that person said, can’t you say it politely rather than rudely?

How about something like “I think what you said is offensive to (everyone / minorities/ whatever) and personally I do not like it” ??

I do wish we would all follow these rules. And, of course, if we ever make a mistake, then an apology in time, saves nine… no, wait, I’m confused, never mind, you know what I mean. :slight_smile:

sailor, you must have gone to a different naval academy than ChiefScott! :wink:

Yeah, it takes guts to sail a tiny tub like mine. Chief just happens to live on a cruise ship that will kill anything that gets in its way. He spends his time on the net and gets paid for that. I am lucky if I can get some food to stay inside me and it costs me a fortune. yeah, not the same sailing :slight_smile: